Saturday July 4th, 2020 11:00PM
A chance for Georgia fans to shine
I went to my first Georgia football game Between the Hedges when I was 5 years old. It was the Georgia-Tulane game in 1969, which stunningly means I’ve been going to Georgia football games for 50 years.
8:54AM ( 9 months ago )
Check the gas gauge
Back in the post-Depression days, America seemed to have larger-than-life criminals — John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone — who, through portrayals of them on TV and in movies, have become almost legendary figures.
9:57AM ( 9 months ago )
Faster than a speeding retiree
Someone told me recently that Clark Kent is leaving his job as a reporter for The Daily Planet. I don’t really keep up with the comic book storylines, but this surprised me. After all, he's been a journalist at Metropolis' daily paper for decades.
9:49AM ( 10 months ago )
Removing the flavors can still be tasty
This is the beginning of an actual conversation I had with a female friend last week.
9:37AM ( 10 months ago )
Milly should let sleeping human lie
You all know about my love of all dogs. I especially love springer spaniels. I have had two springers, including Milly, the springer spaniel who currently lives at my house.
9:41AM ( 10 months ago )
Parking or preparing for a bank heist?
Every now and then, when a certain fad becomes popular, I find my wondering if I’m as cool and hip as I like to pretend to be. It’s happening again as I see more and more people who feel the overwhelming need to back their vehicles into a parking space.
8:53AM ( 10 months ago )
Let's turn that frown upside down
Smile and the world smiles with you.
9:24AM ( 11 months ago )
Remembering the night man walked on the moon
I vividly remember that Sunday night, 50 years ago Saturday. It was well past a young boy’s bedtime. But my parents, realizing the significance of what was about to happen 250,000 miles from our living room, woke me up.
9:16AM ( 11 months ago )