Monday June 17th, 2019 2:54PM
Buttigieg returns to South Bend after man killed by police
A police officer fatally shot a black man in South Bend, Indiana, leading mayor Pete Buttigieg to return home early from a presidential campaign trip to address the public and reach out to community members
2:18PM ( 30 minutes ago )
Oregon Democrats advance sweeping climate policy
Oregon Democrats are on the brink of passing a progressive climate policy that would make their state the second after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program
1:15PM ( 1 hour ago )
Supreme Court upholds rule allowing state, federal charges
The Supreme Court is upholding a constitutional rule that allows state and federal governments to prosecute someone for the same crime
12:20PM ( 2 hours ago )
High court avoids new case over same-sex wedding cake
The Supreme Court is deciding against a high-stakes, election-year case about the competing rights of gay and lesbian couples and merchants who refuse to provide services for their same-sex weddings
12:17PM ( 2 hours ago )
Fed likely to leave rates alone but signal readiness to cut
Fed is expected to leave rates alone but to signal willingness to ease credit to aid economy
11:59AM ( 2 hours ago )
Protesters demand that embattled Hong Kong leader resign
Demonstrators in Hong Kong have gathered outside the office of the city's leader, demanding that she resign for her handling of an unpopular extradition bill
10:38AM ( 4 hours ago )
Egypt's ousted president Morsi dies in court during trial
Egypt's state TV says Mohammed Morsi, the Brotherhood leader who became the country's first freely elected president and who was ousted by the military after a year in office, died during a court session
2:28PM ( 21 minutes ago )
Ex-first lady heads to runoff in Guatemala presidential race
A former first lady has emerged as the top vote-getter in the first round of Guatemala's presidential election, but she will have to compete in an August runoff to determine the next leader of the Central American nation
1:31PM ( 1 hour ago )
Egypt TV says ousted president Morsi dies in court
Egypt's state TV says the country's first elected and ousted President Mohammed Morsi, has collapsed during a court session and died
12:55PM ( 1 hour ago )
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UK Conservative hopefuls fight for No 2 spot against Johnson
Boris Johnson's bid to become Britain's next prime minister has been bolstered with fresh support from the country's health secretary
9:23AM ( 5 hours ago )
Ex-first lady leads Guatemala president vote; runoff likely
A former first lady leads voting counting from Guatemala's presidential election, although a runoff appears likely to be needed to determine the next leader of the Central American nation where thousands have fled poverty and gang violence this year
8:20AM ( 6 hours ago )
Albania's parliament starts procedure to oust president
Albania's parliament has started the lengthy procedure to oust the president for allegedly violating the constitution with his attempt to cancel upcoming municipal elections
7:50AM ( 6 hours ago )
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Lula raises qualifying fee for city council seats
Even before the presumed winner of the Ward 1 Lula City Council Special Election takes office, the council is looking to the November election.
10:35PM ( 4 months ago )
Larger round of Brunch Bill referendums expected in 2019
Though the 2018 general election is in the books, save for a couple of runoffs, some officials are already looking ahead to 2019, and what could be one of the more hot-ticket items across Georgia: The Brunch Bill.
8:01AM ( 7 months ago )
Candidates making final push for votes with the General Election just around the corner
The much-talked-about midterm elections are at hand for northeast Georgians and people all over the country.
6:00AM ( 7 months ago )
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