Sunday October 20th, 2019 2:05AM
Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq
Defense Secretary Mark Esper says that under the current plan all U.S. troops leaving Syria will go to western Iraq, and that the military will continue to conduct operations against the Islamic State group to prevent a resurgence in that country
1:30AM ( 29 minutes ago )
Trump drops plan to host G-7 at his Doral golf resort
Trump drops plan to hold next Group of Seven meeting at his Doral golf resort after scathing criticism
1:24AM ( 35 minutes ago )
Trump drops plan to host G-7 at Doral
Trump drops plan to hold next Group of Seven meeting at his Doral golf resort after scathing criticism
1:22AM ( 38 minutes ago )
UK's Johnson asks for Brexit delay, but argues against it
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has grudgingly asked the European Union to delay Brexit
9:35PM ( 4 hours ago )
Impeachment inquiry puts spotlight on Perry, who shunned it
Energy Secretary Rick Perry was one of the survivors in President Donald Trump's Cabinet, avoiding scandals that have taken out higher-profile figures
8:25PM ( 5 hours ago )
GOP congressman weighing impeachment won't seek new term
A Florida congressman who's been one of the few Republicans openly considering whether President Donald Trump should be impeached say he won't run for reelection
8:20PM ( 5 hours ago )
Bolivians pick between Evo Morales and change in tight vote
Bolivians choose between Evo Morales continuity or change under new leader in fiercely contested presidential election
12:01AM ( 1 hour ago )
'I am back,' Bernie Sanders tells supporters at NYC rally
Sanders draws a huge crowd in New York City as vows after heart attack that he's "more ready than ever" to fight for a political revolution and press on with his Democratic presidential campaign
4:28PM ( 9 hours ago )
Democratic voters concentrate on candidates, not impeachment
Democratic presidential candidates are not talking much about impeachment as they campaign
10:52AM ( 15 hours ago )
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Sanders set for 'vigorous' campaign return after heart scare
Bernie Sanders launching 'vigorous' return to campaign trail in NYC after health scare
8:11AM ( 17 hours ago )
Gabbard fires back at Clinton suggestion she's Russia's pawn
Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is firing back at Hillary Clinton's suggestion that she's a Russian asset
8:21PM ( 1 day ago )
Buttigieg removes attorney from fundraiser after backlash
Pete Buttigieg is returning campaign contributions from a former Chicago attorney who led a vigorous effort to block the release of a video depicting the shooting of Laquan McDonald
8:18PM ( 1 day ago )
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Lula raises qualifying fee for city council seats
Even before the presumed winner of the Ward 1 Lula City Council Special Election takes office, the council is looking to the November election.
10:35PM ( 8 months ago )
Larger round of Brunch Bill referendums expected in 2019
Though the 2018 general election is in the books, save for a couple of runoffs, some officials are already looking ahead to 2019, and what could be one of the more hot-ticket items across Georgia: The Brunch Bill.
8:01AM ( 11 months ago )
Candidates making final push for votes with the General Election just around the corner
The much-talked-about midterm elections are at hand for northeast Georgians and people all over the country.
6:00AM ( 11 months ago )
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