Monday June 24th, 2019 5:21AM
Medical groups warn climate change is a 'health emergency'
As Democrats prepare for their presidential debate, medical groups call climate change a 'health emergency'
5:05AM ( 10 minutes ago )
Climate activists end their blockade of German coal mine
Hundreds of climate activists have ended a protest inside one of Germany's biggest open-pit mines after police repeatedly ordered them to leave and pulled some protesters out
10:06AM ( 19 hours ago )
Climate activists end blockade of German coal mine
Hundreds of climate activists have ended a protest inside one of Germany's biggest open-pit mines after police repeatedly ordered them to leave and pulled some protesters out
8:44AM ( 20 hours ago )
The Latest: China's Qu Dongyu is new chief of UN food agency
China's agricultural deputy minister Qu Dongyu has been elected as the new director general of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
7:57AM ( 21 hours ago )
UN food agency members vote to elect new director general
Members of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have started voting to elect the new head of the United Nation's food agency
7:01AM ( 22 hours ago )
Climate activists block German mine despite orders to leave
Hundreds of climate activists are keeping up their protest inside one of Germany's biggest open-pit mines despite police orders to leave the place immediately, citing life-threatening danger
6:01AM ( 23 hours ago )
2020 Democrats strongly defend abortion rights at forum
Democratic presidential candidates strongly defend abortion rights during forum in South Carolina
4:30PM ( 1 day ago )
2020 Dems strongly defend abortion at South Carolina forum
Dem presidential candidates address Planned Parenthood forum in South Carolina
4:10PM ( 1 day ago )
Documents reveal new details in bitter Semenya-IAAF battle
Court documents reveal new details in Caster Semenya's dispute with IAAF
11:48AM ( 1 day ago )
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Missouri rejects license renewal for lone abortion clinic
Missouri's only abortion clinic lost its license to perform the procedure, though it remains open at least temporarily under a judge's order.
6:23PM ( 2 days ago )
Missouri denies license renewal for lone abortion clinic
Missouri's health department has declined to renew the abortion license for the state's lone clinic but the St. Louis Planned Parenthood affiliate can continue to perform the procedure for now because of a court order
11:52AM ( 2 days ago )
Missouri faces deadline to decide on abortion clinic license
The battle over Missouri's only abortion clinic is back in court Friday, the deadline a judge imposed for the state to decide whether to renew the clinic's license
1:13AM ( 3 days ago )
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Lawyers: 250 children held in bad conditions at Texas border
A team of attorneys who recently interviewed over 60 children say a possibly deadly situation is ongoing for 250 infants, children and teens locked for up to three weeks a Border patrol detention center in Texas.
6:39PM ( 3 days ago )
AP Interview: Border official says aid needed to save lives
AP Interview: The acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection is warning that more migrant children might die in U.S. custody if Congress doesn't approve $4.6 billion in emergency money for medical care.
6:25AM ( 3 days ago )
Dallas Zoo giraffe named after Cowboys' Jason Witten dies
Officials say a 1-year-old giraffe at the Dallas Zoo that was named after Cowboys tight end Jason Witten died during a medical exam
12:50PM ( 4 days ago )
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Watchdog: Abuse and neglect in nursing facilities unreported
Watchdog: Nursing facilities have failed to report serious cases of potential abuse and neglect of Medicare patients
1:09PM ( 1 week ago )
Singer Steve Lawrence says he has Alzheimer's disease
Singer Steve Lawrence has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
3:10PM ( 1 week ago )
Poll: Some younger workers view aging workforce negatively
Some younger workers aren't particularly thrilled to see a rising share of older Americans forgo retirement and continue working
11:57AM ( 2 weeks ago )
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Medicaid bought sex offenders' erectile dysfunction drugs
New York's publicly funded Medicaid program paid for $63,000 worth of erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders, despite state prohibition
10:03AM ( 2 weeks ago )
US cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline
The U.S. cancer death rate has now been falling for 25 years _ an important milestone in the overall decline
4:12PM ( 5 months ago )
LEADING OFF: Trout sits, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer
LEADING OFF: Trout sits on birthday, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer, Braves and Nats play two
11:20PM ( 10 months ago )
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Trump: Military action against Iran still 'on the table'
President Donald Trump says he's still considering military action against Iran after it downed an unmanned U.S. military aircraft
5:16PM ( 1 day ago )