Saturday March 23rd, 2019 2:55PM
Cleanup of Texas chemical plant hamstrung by new fire, spill
The efforts to clean up a Texas industrial plant that burned for several days this week were hamstrung Friday by a briefly reignited fire and a breach that led to chemicals spilling into the nearby Houston Ship Channel.
7:10PM ( 19 hours ago )
Fire reignites at Texas plant that earlier burned for days
Fire reignited Friday at the Houston-area industrial plant where an earlier blaze burned for days and sent plumes of black smoke over much of Southeast Texas
5:32PM ( 21 hours ago )
Ohio cuts funding for Planned Parenthood after court OK
Ohio's health department is ending grants and contracts that send money to Planned Parenthood after a federal appeals court upheld a state anti-abortion law that blocks public money for the group
4:36PM ( 22 hours ago )
Breach at Texas tank farm causes chemical spill
Potentially hazardous chemicals spilled Friday at a Houston-area petrochemical tank farm where a dayslong fire damaged several tanks, the company that operates the farm said
3:04PM ( 23 hours ago )
Crews work to clear Texas tank while avoiding another leak
The company that operates a petrochemical tank farm near Houston where a days-long fire damaged several tanks says it's working to remove flammable product without allowing dangerous fumes to again escape into the air
2:58PM ( 23 hours ago )
Tyson recalls chicken strips due to metal fears
Arkansas-based Tyson Foods is recalling more than 69,000 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat chicken strips because they may be contaminated with pieces of metal
8:32AM ( 1 day ago )
UN: Ebola increasing in Congo due to 'security challenges'
The World Health Organization says Ebola has spiked in Congo in recent days because of "increased security challenges," a week after its director-general predicted the outbreak might be contained within six months
8:01AM ( 1 day ago )
Mississippi governor signs 'heartbeat' abortion law
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he is not worried about lawsuits the state prepares to enact one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation
5:30PM ( 1 day ago )
Poll: More Americans say too little spending on health
A growing majority of Americans want greater government spending on health care, and the increase is being driven by both Democrats and Republicans
12:17PM ( 2 days ago )
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Mississippi governor set to sign 'heartbeat' abortion law
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he is not worried about lawsuits the state prepares to enact one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation
11:42AM ( 2 days ago )
Kentucky gov signs abortion bill already facing a lawsuit
Kentucky's Republican governor signs measure putting new restrictions on abortion, and his lawyers filed response to lawsuit already aimed at blocking it
8:10PM ( 3 days ago )
Kansas conservatives vote to condemn New York's abortion law
Kansas lawmakers have condemned New York's new law protecting abortion rights in a statement that will be sent to every New York legislator and its governor
7:01PM ( 1 week ago )
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Kentucky governor says he exposed his children to chickenpox
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he deliberately exposed his children to chickenpox so they would catch the highly contagious disease and become immune
7:45PM ( 2 days ago )
US health officials move to tighten sales of e-cigarettes
U.S. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales of most flavored products in convenience stores and online
4:50PM ( 1 week ago )
Judge extends authority to more families separated at border
A federal judge who ordered that more than 2,700 parents be reunited with their children has expanded his authority to potentially thousands more children who were separated at the border earlier during the Trump administration
11:39PM ( 2 weeks ago )
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Catholic priest accused of groping woman during last rites
A Roman Catholic priest has been arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge after he was accused of groping a woman in home hospice care while giving her last rites
6:20PM ( 2 days ago )
Trump's cuts to Medicare hospital payments trigger an outcry
Candidate Trump promised not to cut Medicare but his payment cuts to hospitals prompt an outcry
4:08PM ( 1 week ago )
Sanders' 'Medicare for All' expands long-term care benefits
Sanders and House allies expanding long-term care under 'Medicare-for-all' bills; no word on how they'll pay
3:11PM ( 2 weeks ago )
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US cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline
The U.S. cancer death rate has now been falling for 25 years _ an important milestone in the overall decline
4:12PM ( 2 months ago )
LEADING OFF: Trout sits, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer
LEADING OFF: Trout sits on birthday, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer, Braves and Nats play two
11:20PM ( 7 months ago )
Blacks fare surprisingly well in prostate cancer research
Black men with advanced prostate cancer fare surprisingly well in research that challenges current thinking about racial disparities in the disease
5:35PM ( 9 months ago )
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Union head praises Jays for raising minor league pay by half
Union head Tony Clark lauds Blue Jays for giving minor leaguers 50 percent raise
9:56PM ( 4 days ago )