Sunday August 25th, 2019 5:41AM
Tourist may have brought measles to Southern California
Public health officials say people who visited Disneyland and other Southern California tourist spots last week may have been exposed to measles
3:05AM ( 1 day ago )
For Democrats, a shift toward the middle on health care
Democratic voters shift to the middle on health care as 'Medicare for All' loses some of its support
12:42PM ( 1 day ago )
Democrats take a look at a practical health care approach
Democratic voters look at pragmatic approaches on health care amid weakening support for 'Medicare for All'
5:58AM ( 1 day ago )
UN: Possible to eradicate malaria, but probably not soon
The World Health Organization says it's theoretically possible to wipe out malaria, but probably not with the imperfect vaccine and other control methods being used at the moment
4:51AM ( 2 days ago )
Practical approach on health care gets a look from Democrats
Democratic voters look at pragmatic approaches on health care amid weakening support for 'Medicare for All'
12:04AM ( 2 days ago )
Money crunch after Planned Parenthood quits federal program
Planned Parenthood clinics in several states are charging new fees, tapping financial reserves, intensifying fundraising after it withdrew from a federal funding program rather than comply with a new abortion rule
8:37PM ( 2 days ago )
Planned Parenthood seeks cash after bailing from US program
Planned Parenthood is concerned about the spread of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases after its decision to quit a $260 million federal family planning program in a dispute with the Trump administration over abortion
2:57PM ( 2 days ago )
Hundreds gather in Goma, Congo for "Stop Ebola" march
Hundreds gathered in Congo's eastern city of Goma to support Ebola response teams that have seen increasing attacks and resistance among communities in eastern Congo where Ebola continues to spread.
12:04PM ( 2 days ago )
Planned Parenthood sees swift fallout from quitting program
Planned Parenthood sees swift fallout over its decision to quit family planning program
6:02AM ( 2 days ago )
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Guidelines say more women may need breast cancer gene test
New guidelines say more women may benefit from gene testing for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer
11:09AM ( 4 days ago )
Planned Parenthood leaves federal family planning program
Planned Parenthood says it's pulling out of the federal family planning program rather than abide by a new Trump administration rule prohibiting program participants from referring patients for abortions
12:12AM ( 5 days ago )
Salvadoran suspected of having abortion acquitted at retrial
A court in El Salvador has acquitted at retrial a young rape victim who was suspected of having an abortion and charged with homicide
4:57PM ( 5 days ago )
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Anti-vaccine activist shoves California lawmaker
An anti-vaccine activist has been cited for assault after pushing a California lawmaker on a sidewalk near the Capitol
7:05PM ( 3 days ago )
UK to pressure social media companies to fight anti-vax info
Britain's government is planning to pressure social media companies to do more to fight misinformation on vaccines following a spike in measles cases
7:19PM ( 5 days ago )
London teen lost at Malaysian resort died from ulcer bleed
Police say no signs of foul play found in the death of a 15-year-old London girl who disappeared from her family's cottage at a nature resort, saying instead she died of intestinal bleeding due to starvation and stress
3:50AM ( 1 week ago )
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Drug cost bill advances but GOP resistance spells trouble
Bipartisan compromise to reduce drug costs for seniors advances in Senate over GOP resistance
8:15PM ( 4 weeks ago )
Study: Home-delivered meals could save money for Medicare
Study: Medicare could save money by delivering meals to frail seniors after a hospitalization
12:16AM ( 1 month ago )
GOP, Dems offer compromise to reduce drug costs for seniors
Senators unveil bipartisan compromise to reduce drug costs for people with Medicare
7:19PM ( 1 month ago )
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Medicaid bought sex offenders' erectile dysfunction drugs
New York's publicly funded Medicaid program paid for $63,000 worth of erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders, despite state prohibition
10:03AM ( 2 months ago )
US cancer death rate hits milestone: 25 years of decline
The U.S. cancer death rate has now been falling for 25 years _ an important milestone in the overall decline
4:12PM ( 7 months ago )
LEADING OFF: Trout sits, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer
LEADING OFF: Trout sits on birthday, Taillon and Betts meet post-cancer, Braves and Nats play two
11:20PM ( 1 year ago )
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Column: FedEx Cup about the money, not the majors
Column: Major champions missing from East Lake is nothing new except when it happens to be Tiger Woods
3:40PM ( 4 days ago )