Monday October 21st, 2019 6:37PM
US may now keep some troops in Syria to guard oilfields
Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he is discussing an option that would keep a small residual US military force in northeast Syria to secure oilfields and continue the fight against Islamic State militants
6:17PM ( 19 minutes ago )
Canada votes in election that could see Trudeau lose power
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces the threat of being knocked from power after one term as the nation holds parliamentary elections
6:11PM ( 25 minutes ago )
US diplomat in Ukraine text messages to testify to Congress
The top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, William Taylor, is scheduled to appear Tuesday before impeachment investigators in Congress
5:31PM ( 1 hour ago )
Researchers find 2nd warship from WWII Battle of Midway
A group of deep-sea researchers looking for sunken World War II ships have found a second Japanese aircraft carrier that went down in the Pacific during the historic Battle of Midway
5:02PM ( 1 hour ago )
Renewed disturbances in Chile; many line up for food
Hundreds of protesters are defying an emergency decree and confronting police in Chile's capital, continuing disturbances that have left at least 11 dead and led the president to say the country is "at war."
4:20PM ( 2 hours ago )
Israel's Netanyahu gives up on forming new coalition
Israel's president says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ended his quest to form a new coalition government _ a step that pushes the country into new political uncertainty
2:58PM ( 3 hours ago )
Unsung diplomat is unlikely hero in impeachment inquiry
William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, has emerged as an unlikely hero in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.
2:58PM ( 3 hours ago )
Bolivia election uncertainty: Evo Morales win or runoff?
A sudden halt in release of presidential election returns has led to confusion and protests in Bolivia, where opponents suggest officials are trying to help President Evo Morales avoid a risky runoff
2:53PM ( 3 hours ago )
Water cut to migrant camp as Bosnian authorities feud
Local authorities in the Bosnian town of Bihac on Monday cut off a nearby migrant camp's water supply, to pressure the government into reducing the population of the overcrowded site that international organizations have criticized as unsuitable
2:47PM ( 3 hours ago )
AP World News Archive
The Latest: Schiff says he'll release interview transcripts
The lead House impeachment investigator says he will release transcripts of the closed-door interviews lawmakers have conducted with current and former administration officials
10:59PM ( 4 days ago )
UK lawmakers vote to delay final Brexit decision again
A defiant Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will resist attempts to delay Britain's departure from the European Union beyond the end of the month
1:39PM ( 2 days ago )