Friday April 26th, 2019 8:06AM
Top Spanish candidates urge voters to keep far-right at bay
Top candidates are appealing to Spain's large pool of undecided voters, urged them to choose wisely and keep the far-right at bay
7:30AM ( 7 minutes ago )
New cyclone hits Mozambique; 1 dead as big floods warned
At least 1 dead after new cyclone tears into Mozambique, with 'massive flooding' warned
7:27AM ( 10 minutes ago )
New cyclone hit Mozambique; 1 dead as big floods likely
At least 1 dead after new cyclone tears into Mozambique, with 'massive flooding' warned
7:19AM ( 18 minutes ago )
Uber to sell shares at $44 to $50 each in stock market debut
Ride-hailing giant Uber is planning to sell 180 million shares for between $44 and $50 per share, in its highly anticipated stock market debut.
6:55AM ( 41 minutes ago )
10th week of Algeria protests aim for ex-president's brother
Algerians are massing for a 10th week of protests against their country's ruling class, calling for the ex-president's brother to be put on trial
6:13AM ( 1 hour ago )
Sri Lanka Muslims brave militant threats for Friday prayers
Sri Lanka's Muslims, warned to stay home over militant threats after Easter bombing, call for peace at Friday prayers
6:13AM ( 1 hour ago )
Sri Lanka political rivalry seen as factor in Easter blasts
Government dysfunction and an intelligence failure that preceded the Easter Sunday bombings that killed 253 people in Sri Lanka are traced to simmering divisions between the president and prime minister
5:42AM ( 1 hour ago )
Cyprus police step up search for more of suspect's victims
Cyprus police are intensifying a search for the bodies of more victims after suspect admits to 5 women, 2 girls
5:39AM ( 1 hour ago )
Kim Jong Un leaves Russia after summit with Putin
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un goes home early after complaining at first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin that U.S. negotiated in 'bad faith' in Hanoi
5:31AM ( 2 hours ago )
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The Latest: Sri Lanka: Bombings retaliation for Christchurch
Sri Lanka's minister of defense says the Easter Sunday bombings were "carried out in retaliation" for attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15
5:23AM ( 3 days ago )
Occidental tries to outbid Chevron for Anadarko Petroleum
A bidding war is breaking out over Anadarko Petroleum, with Occidental making an offer that it says is about a 20% premium to Chevron's deal announced earlier this month
6:17PM ( 1 day ago )