Monday January 25th, 2021 11:04AM
LISTEN: How to show love to our troops on Valentine's Day
WDUN joins Support Our Troops to show some love to our men and women serving us in the military. Martin Boire of Support Our Troops joined us on "Mornings on Maine Street" with details on how you can help along with information on how SOT works every day to let our troops know we support them. We hope you'll participate. Find out more at
9:51AM ( 4 days ago )
By Mornings on Maine Street
LISTEN: Phil Kerpen on why prescription drug price controls are not a good idea
Phil Kerpen of American Commitment visited "Mornings on Maine Street" to discuss price controls on prescription drugs. Listen to find out why Kerpen says "the fact is that imposing foreign price controls on medicines in America will have devastating impacts on the seniors who rely on them most."
9:37AM ( 4 days ago )
By Mornings on Maine Street
LISTEN: GA Insurance Commissioner John King talks vaccine distribution
King talked about vaccine distribution in Georgia and the National Guard deployments to Washington D.C. for the inauguration of Joe Biden.
10:00AM ( 6 days ago )
By Morning Talk
LISTEN: Why have the polls been so wrong?
Don Vaughn of Invisibly, a research firm, joined us on Maine Street to talk about why some of the polling of the past two elections was so wrong. Vaughn says the methods of old just don't work in the digital age.
9:26AM ( 1 week ago )
By Mornings on Maine Street
LISTEN: Was Elvis destined to die young?
Sally Hoedel takes a different look at Elvis Pressley and finds that Elvis was indeed destined to die young. Hoedel explained on "Mornings on Maine Street" that genetics were not in his favor.
9:22AM ( 1 week ago )
By Mornings on Maine Street
LISTEN: Leukemia and lymphoma patients have a great resource in the LLS
Approximately every 3 minutes one person in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer – with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma as the most diagnosed types. And having blood cancer now is tougher than ever. Nikki Yuill with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society spoke with Bill Maine on WDUN's Mornings on Maine Street about how LSS helps connect patients with resources.
9:48AM ( 1 week ago )
By Mornings on Maine Street
LISTEN: Kenneth R. Rosen on "Troubled: The Failed Promise of America's Behavioral Treatment Programs
Each year thousands of young adults deemed out of control are carted off against their will to remote wilderness programs and treatment facilities. Author and journalist Kenneth R. Rosen was one such youth. Rosen visited Maine Street to talk about his new book "Troubled" and share why he thinks many of these programs do more harm than good.
9:41AM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Gregory Wrightstone on the benfits of climate change
Geologist Gregory Wrightstone visited "Mornings on Maine Street" to talk about how warming trends and increases in CO2 levels have actually benefited the planet and the people on it. He is author of "Inconvenient Facts: the Science that Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know."
9:09AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: COVID-19 lawsuits
Attorneys, Doctors, and several Citizen's Rights Groups have joined together to file 3 first of a kind lawsuits challenging the entire premise of COVID-19 from PCR testing, death numbers, business and church shutdowns, masks mandates, and vaccines. Attorney Thomas Renz is the lead lawyer and joined Bill Maine on "Mornings on Maine Street" to talk about the reasons behind the suits and what they are trying to achieve.
9:23AM ( 2 weeks ago )
WDUN Morning Show Archive
WDUN Morning Show
LISTEN: Bill Crane talks Georgia senate runoffs
Crane joined WDUN's "Morning Talk with Martha Zoller" Friday.
10:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Dr. Zach Taylor of District 2 Public Health joins Morning Talk
Dr. Taylor talked about vaccinations and COVID-19 response.
10:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp talks vaccine rollout, senate runoffs
Kemp joined WDUN's "Morning Talk with Martha Zoller" Monday.
9:30AM ( 3 weeks ago )
Morning Talk Archive
Morning Talk
LISTEN: A pastor's perception of America sliding into socialism
Gary Dull with the American Pastors Network joins the show to discuss what he sees as America's gradual slide into a socialist state.
8:00PM ( 1 year ago )
Transportation Tip Thursday: Downtown parking tips
Caleb Hutchins talks with Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook to get some tips on parking in crowded downtown areas.
5:45PM ( 2 years ago )
Transportation Tip Thursday: Vehicle tips for cold weather
Caleb Hutchins talks with Bud Hughes of "Bud's Garage" about how to maintain your vehicle in cold conditions.
5:45PM ( 2 years ago )
Afternoon News Wrap Archive
Afternoon News Wrap
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 5/16/20 Seg 1
A tool set for electric vehicles; Mustang dragster with 1400 hp
11:04AM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 5/16/20 Seg 3
Randy Pobst guests.
11:00AM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: Bud's Garage 5/16/20 Seg 4
West Coast rigs vs. East Coast rigs; tool of the week: extraction socket sets
10:57AM ( 8 months ago )
Bud's Garage Archive
Bud's Garage
Helen officials discuss upcoming Fasching events
Helen’s annual Fasching events will continue citywide, despite the required cancellation of the Helen Chamber of Commerce’s annual gathering in the Festhalle.
10:00AM ( 2 days ago )
Biden to reinstate COVID travel rules, add South Africa
Two White House officials say President Joe Biden on Monday will formally reinstate COVID-19 travel restrictions on non-U.S. travelers from Brazil, Ireland, United Kingdom and 26 other European countries that allow travel across open borders
8:01AM ( 2 hours ago )