Saturday June 19th, 2021 11:14PM
Driver crashes into crowd at Pride parade in Florida; 1 dead
Authorities say a driver slammed into spectators at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida, killing one person and injuring another
10:17PM ( 37 minutes ago )
Driver crashes into Florida Pride parade; mayor says 1 dead
A driver has slammed into spectators at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida
10:06PM ( 48 minutes ago )
Southwest US states bake, wildfire threatens Arizona towns
The Southwest U.S. continued to bake, and weather forecasters kept warnings in effect for excessive heat in Arizona and Nevada at least through the weekend
9:56PM ( 58 minutes ago )
Hard-line judiciary head wins Iran presidency in low turnout
Iran’s hard-line judiciary chief has won the country’s presidential election in a landslide victory
9:44PM ( 1 hour ago )
Driver hits 2 at start of Pride parade in South Florida
A driver has slammed into spectators at the start of a Pride parade in South Florida, injuring at least two people
9:37PM ( 1 hour ago )
Juneteenth, recalling end of slavery, is marked across US
Parades, picnics and lessons in history are all part of Juneteenth events in the U.S. The day is carrying even more significance after Congress and President Joe Biden created a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery
9:14PM ( 1 hour ago )
As Brazil tops 500,000 deaths, protests against president
Anti-government protesters have taken to the streets in more than a score of cities across Brazil as the nation’s confirmed death toll from COVID-19 soared past half a million
7:37PM ( 3 hours ago )
Major damage to Alabama mobile home park amid tropical storm
Authorities in Alabama say a suspected tornado spurred by Tropical Storm Claudette demolished or badly damaged at least 50 homes in a small town just north of the Florida border
7:14PM ( 3 hours ago )
Las Vegas pushes land swap to balance growth, conservation
Cities in the U.S. West are preparing for considerable growth in the coming decades despite a historic drought and shrinking water supplies
6:13PM ( 4 hours ago )
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VA moves to offer gender confirmation surgery to vets
The Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to offer transgender veterans gender confirmation surgery
9:59PM ( 55 minutes ago )
Democrats see springboard for health care in high court win
The Affordable Care Act is now secure in the framework of the nation’s health care programs, and Democrats are eager to leap above and beyond
8:44AM ( 14 hours ago )
Hit by a ransomware attack? Your payment may be deductible
As ransomware attacks surge, the FBI is doubling down on its guidance to affected businesses: Don’t pay the cybercriminals
6:51AM ( 16 hours ago )
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Moderate Iran candidate concedes win by judiciary chief
The moderate candidate in Iran’s presidential election has conceded he lost to the country’s hard-line judiciary chief
2:53AM ( 20 hours ago )
Apathy greets Iran presidential vote dominated by hard-liner
Iranians have voted in a presidential election dominated by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s hard-line protege after the disqualification of his strongest competition
6:00PM ( 1 day ago )
In Iran's subdued election, many voters appear to stay home
Iranian state TV showed voters streaming to cast their ballots, but very different scenes were playing out on Tehran’s streets, where traffic was light and polling places appeared relatively empty
2:30PM ( 1 day ago )
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Afghanistan running out of oxygen as COVID surge worsens
Health officials say Afghanistan is fast running out of oxygen as a deadly third surge of COVID worsen
11:28AM ( 11 hours ago )
Partygoers, police injured at curfew-busting rave in France
A 22-year-old man lost his hand and several others were also injured amid violence as police tried to break up an unauthorized rave party in western France
9:46AM ( 13 hours ago )
AP Interview: India says it hopes to resume vaccine exports
An Indian health official says his country, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines, wants to resume exports of coronavirus jabs but can’t do so until its domestic needs are met
10:30PM ( 1 day ago )
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Spacesuit problems prevent astronauts from completing job
Spacesuit problems have prevented astronauts from completing the installation of powerful, new solar panels outside the International Space Station
3:32PM ( 3 days ago )
Lawmakers mark Juneteenth by reviving ‘abolition amendment’
As the nation this week made Juneteenth a federal holiday, lawmakers revived calls to end a loophole in the Constitution that has allowed another form of slavery to endure
2:27PM ( 1 day ago )