Saturday June 6th, 2020 3:07AM
Black Lives Matter protests mostly peaceful in Australia
Black Lives Matter protests across Australia have proceeded mostly peacefully as thousands of demonstrators in state capitals honored the memory of George Floyd and protested the deaths of indigenous Australians in custody
1:31AM ( 1 hour ago )
Turning grief into change, movement targets racial injustice
Momentum for what many hope is a sustained movement aimed at tackling racial injustice and police reforms promised to grow Saturday as more protesters filled streets around the world
1:11AM ( 1 hour ago )
By the numbers: Trump reads economic boom into jobs data
President Donald Trump has always been a big numbers guy
1:02AM ( 1 hour ago )
Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination
Joe Biden has formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, setting him up for a bruising challenge to President Donald Trump that will play out against the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic, economic collapse and civil unrest
12:47AM ( 1 hour ago )
Black Lives Matter rallies start in Australia amid court ban
Black Lives Matter protests across Australia are underway against a backdrop of a possible clashes between demonstrators and police in Sydney, after a court sided with police that the gathering posed too much risk for spreading the coronavirus
12:36AM ( 2 hours ago )
Surfers 'paddle out,' circle up in memory of George Floyd
Surfers around the world held large and small memorials on the water in honor of George Floyd
10:29PM ( 4 hours ago )
Mayor downplays rough police treatment of NYC protesters
Another day of protests over the death of George Floyd brought more examples of New York City officials downplaying or denying the police department’s rough treatment of peaceful protesters
10:21PM ( 4 hours ago )
Seattle mayor bans 1 type of tear gas amid protests
The Seattle mayor has banned the police use of one type of tear gas as protests continue in the city and nationally over the killing of George Floyd
10:19PM ( 4 hours ago )
Demonstrators vow to sustain momentum until change happens
Protesters stirred by the death of George Floyd are vowing to turn an extraordinary outpouring of grief into a sustained movement as demonstrations shift to a calmer, but no less determined, focus on addressing racial injustice
10:07PM ( 4 hours ago )
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Mail ballots from Tuesday's election push Biden over the top
Joe Biden has won the last few delegates he needed to clinch the Democratic nomination for president as states that voted Tuesday continue to tally mail ballots
12:53AM ( 1 hour ago )
More active-duty troops leaving D.C., others remain on alert
U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and other officials say nearly 500 more of the active-duty troops brought in to help if needed with the civil unrest in the nation’s capitol have been given orders to leave Washington
10:08PM ( 4 hours ago )
Citing jobs, Trump claims victory over virus, econ collapse
President Donald Trump is effectively claiming victory over the economic crisis and COVID-19 — as well as major progress against racial inequality — heartily embracing a better than expected jobs report
9:56PM ( 4 hours ago )
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Trump jabs Maine's Democratic governor; she hits back
President Donald Trump is slamming Maine’s Democratic governor and urging his supporters to help get the rest of the state to vote for him if they want to see the economy rebound from the coronavirus shutdown and civil unrest
7:46PM ( 7 hours ago )
Lauding 'force' to restore order, Sen. Cotton raises profile
Freshman Sen. Tom Cotton has risen to the ranks of potential 2024 Republican presidential contenders by making all the right enemies
1:29PM ( 13 hours ago )
Trump hails jobs report, but unemployment rate still high
President Donald Trump is taking a victory lap after the government reported surprising job gains for last month
12:49PM ( 13 hours ago )
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The Latest: India reports biggest single-day spike in cases
India has surpassed Italy as the sixth worst-hit by the coronavirus pandemic after another biggest single-day spike in confirmed infections
12:50AM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: China orders pangolin protection amid pandemic
China is giving its highest level of protection to the armadillo-like pangolin as part of its crackdown on the wildlife trade following the global coronavirus pandemic
11:10PM ( 3 hours ago )
The Latest: Beijing eases coronavirus pandemic restrictions
China's capital is lowering its emergency response level to the second-lowest starting Saturday for the coronavirus pandemic
10:04PM ( 4 hours ago )
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Mayor: Subway social distance markers a must for reopening
New York City buses and subways should look different when the city begins to ease coronavirus restrictions next week
12:05PM ( 2 days ago )
Hong Kong marks Tiananmen anniversary, defying a police ban
Thousands of people in Hong Kong defied a police ban and marked the 31st anniversary of the crushing of a democracy movement centered on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square
11:21AM ( 1 day ago )