Tuesday October 20th, 2020 1:52AM
Politics with a smile
I'm not from out of town and I don't own a briefcase, but that won't stop me from acting as a political consultant just this once.
5:00AM ( 1 year ago )
Looks like the bridge is out again
Be careful traveling down Memory Lane unless you want to end up wet.
10:54AM ( 1 year ago )
Will America's Retail Bible end with Chapter 11?
From appliances that wouldn't die to a camper that was all "EARS", Sears has left a mark on my heart.
1:24PM ( 2 years ago )
Blame it on the tunes
Sometimes heroes use pens, carry guitars, and grow up in your hometown.
10:09AM ( 2 years ago )
The Boys of Summer
The Boys of Summer. Connie Francis had a song by that name, as did Don Henley. Of course, baseball players are also known by that moniker. It seems many people have a concept of The Boys of Summer. I am no different, although my Boys of Summer certainly are.
9:00AM ( 2 years ago )
Don't you want to be a "waver" too?
It's amazing what a simple salutation to a stranger can do to lift the mood. It's equally amazing how so many can't seem to muster a response.
12:00PM ( 2 years ago )
Tag! You're immortal, sort of. (more tales from a Roman holiday)
The ways we strive to make sure we're remembered are sometimes inspiring, creative, and disappointing.
6:15AM ( 2 years ago )
How to ruin a perfectly good summer
Nothing in my youth could ruin a perfect summer day like the words “back to school”. It wasn’t just because late nights with television, comic books, and backyard campouts followed by long lazy mornings of sleeping in, with sunny afternoons spent on the lake sandwiched in between the two, were coming to an end. It was the fact that the words “back to school” were always followed by “shopping”.
3:15PM ( 2 years ago )