Wednesday April 8th, 2020 6:17PM
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
I believe we could all use a little silly in our lives. It seems that we have this idea that being an adult means always being serious
11:49AM ( 1 year ago )
The day may be over, but the thanks continue
When it comes to giving thanks, don't forget the small things.
9:32AM ( 1 year ago )
Why I celebrate National Adoption Day
There are biological parents and there are moms and dads. For many, they are one and the same. Me, I had a set of each.
6:00AM ( 1 year ago )
Politics with a smile
I'm not from out of town and I don't own a briefcase, but that won't stop me from acting as a political consultant just this once.
5:00AM ( 1 year ago )
Looks like the bridge is out again
Be careful traveling down Memory Lane unless you want to end up wet.
10:54AM ( 1 year ago )
Will America's Retail Bible end with Chapter 11?
From appliances that wouldn't die to a camper that was all "EARS", Sears has left a mark on my heart.
1:24PM ( 1 year ago )
Blame it on the tunes
Sometimes heroes use pens, carry guitars, and grow up in your hometown.
10:09AM ( 1 year ago )
The Boys of Summer
The Boys of Summer. Connie Francis had a song by that name, as did Don Henley. Of course, baseball players are also known by that moniker. It seems many people have a concept of The Boys of Summer. I am no different, although my Boys of Summer certainly are.
9:00AM ( 1 year ago )