Saturday October 31st, 2020 3:56PM
I'm always playing the name game...and losing!
Spend any time with me in a social setting that involves meeting new people and you’ll learn I have a hard time remembering names.
2:31PM ( 1 year ago )
She had a life before she met me.
Time did not begin when you were born. Just ask your mother.
2:10PM ( 1 year ago )
Peepology 101
People who need Peeps are the luckiest people in the world.
3:05PM ( 1 year ago )
I never got the pizza but I did get a paycheck
Recalling how I got my invite to be part of Showmanship Radio.
2:30PM ( 1 year ago )
It's a rainy-day sing along
We all have those songs that come to us on rainy days shared with a cup of hot tea. So put the kettle on and get ready to sing.
2:00PM ( 1 year ago )
Candy canes bring candy questions
Candy canes beg a question that has caused this sugar addict to discover something he didn't know about himself.
6:00AM ( 1 year ago )
Stairs to Yesterday
Gainesville is littered with steps that lead only to yesterday.
1:48PM ( 1 year ago )
Asking questions no one has considered
I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I were a super hero. And all this time you thought there was something of substance going on behind my often-furrowed brow.
9:08AM ( 1 year ago )