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Horror movie about Lake Lanier to release Saturday on VOD services

By Austin Eller, Video by Seth Chapman

The history of Lake Lanier and the town of Oscarville are front and center in a new horror movie which is set to release Saturday on video-on-demand services.

"Lanier" is a fictional horror thriller that pulls elements inspired by the history of the lake into its plot which begins with a focus on a detective's investigation of a drowning.

"So, for us, Lanier was always so interesting," William Eric Bush-Anderson, co-director, writer and executive producer of "Lanier," said. "So we initially heard about it about three to four years ago about Oscarville alongside with kind of the creepiness and eerieness of like, what's happening with the drownings; things such as that. So that already had me really fascinated to talk about ... what Oscarville was. And I was like, 'Huh, there needs to be a movie about this.'"

William and Cindy Kunz-Anderson both serve as co-directors, writers and executive producers of the film. This is the first feature film for the filmmakers. 

"It's been a journey," William said. "I feel like since we got through making 'Lanier' we can literally do anything in this life. That I will tell you, because there have been a lot of lows, there have been a lot of highs. It just taught me when you want something, you've just got to push through for it, no matter what's going on: good, bad or in between."

Cindy said the history of the lake plays a big role in the film.

"It's a significant piece that ties into the film and basically really revolves around the history," Cindy said. "It is a horror film but it's kind of also a history piece I would say. So, more so like a social horror, because ultimately, the history leads to what's happening in the movie."

"Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America" by Patrick Phillips served as a big reference point for the history behind the film.

"For us as writers, we like to look at all perspectives," William said. "That's the thing with history, there's multiple perspectives of it and also about the lake. There's a lot of controversy about it. So we like to look at all the aspects and kind of throw it into a film. Because I think it's just interesting how, in general, we have different opinions about said subject."

More information about the film, including trailers and a link to preorder, are available here.

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