Friday December 13th, 2019 6:11PM
Sticking the verbal landing
In the real world, everyone has their preferred drink. For example, I’ve been sipping on Vitamin Waters since high school, in college I would drink multiple ones in a day, and now I limit myself to exactly one Vitamin Water – Energy Citrus flavor per work shift. My mom likes those Sparkling Ice things. One of my besties always pops a La Croix at the movie theatre when we go out.
3:15PM ( 1 week ago )
GIVING THANKS: Learning from my anxiety
I have anxiety. Bad. Real Bad. I’ve had some of it my whole life, and some of it has worsened over the years.
6:00PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Thanksgiving 2019: All fun and games, part two
Baby’s First Thanksgiving meant Smidge gleefully hovered around Dad’s feet as he carved up the turkey, smattering little bits of meat and juice on the floor.
1:00PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Peace and tranquility is a cat in his favorite cardboard box while his hooman drinks a soda
Cairo was tickled we had brought him a gift. No, not a Redpop. The box.
12:26PM ( 1 month ago )
BLOG: Frankie, canine star of GTA's Legally Blonde, proves rescue pets can do anything
Frankie has been in the most productions of Legally Blonde, more than any other cast member - canine OR human.
8:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Clawing for a good pair of nylons
The claws come out, but not maliciously. Nothing will ruin your tights faster than a sweet, unassuming pet claw.
10:05AM ( 1 month ago )
I went on a ride-along with Hall County Animal Control
Animal Control. It’s kind of the “third side” of animal and pet rescue. I didn’t know very much about it, except a thin memory from over a decade ago when I interned with the rescue group my family volunteered with. It was hazy and not exactly positive, so I wasn’t sure what I was really getting in to when I asked if I could go on a ridealong with a Hall County Animal Control officer.
3:25PM ( 2 months ago )
Happy little hello’s from the afterlife
You’ve probably heard the Native American story that a “red bird” or cardinal is a spirit of a loved one visiting you. I had always heard that dragonflies are visitors from the other side.
1:00PM ( 3 months ago )