Thursday June 17th, 2021 1:06AM
Good eye, bad eye
​I remember when I first met Smidge, she had a blueish eye.
2:30PM ( 1 week ago )
Hot Smidge summer
But as I was stitching my strange little scrap doll just to do it, I realized no one was going to appreciate my oddly-shaped, slightly frightening doll but me. Hmm. I needed to do a different project that would benefit everyone.
1:36PM ( 3 weeks ago )
The pros and cons of pet influencers
​As social media evolves, the era of pet influencers is in full swing.
2:00PM ( 1 month ago )
Hitting the ol’ dusty trail
It’s time to brag. I’ve waited long enough.
2:46PM ( 1 month ago )
A tiny adventure in our Titanic-sized backyard
Sorry folks, this is not Titanic and I am not planning on recreating that famous flying scene with my chihuahua, Smidge.
2:35PM ( 1 month ago )
Get comfortable
I got my first COVID-19 vaccination recently, but Cairo had other expectations for my arms that day.
2:12PM ( 2 months ago )
Here's an odd news story: I'm 30
Two very important things have happened: my Odd News segment is returning on our new afternoon show, Newsroom, and I turned 30.
9:45AM ( 2 months ago )
Fat cat, skinny window
But there is one thing he doesn’t like to share (though he still will): an open window.
2:50PM ( 3 months ago )