Thursday May 23rd, 2019 9:04PM
6:31PM ( 2 hours ago ) Weather Alert
Chloe in the afternoon. And evening. And morning. Actually all the time.
I actually almost changed my name when I was 18 to Alyson-Chloe, not just because it sounded like French glamour and champagne kisses, BUT BECAUSE CHLOE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY NAME.
2:01PM ( 3 days ago )
The tooth about maturity
What I do know is, my black beauty is getting older, and apparently at a more rapid rate than I thought.
1:00PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Sorry, Sparkle, it's not that kind of boneyard
Maybe one day Smidge will be so well-trained I can fully trust her while I am in a cemetery. It *is* always nice to have the companionship. But for now I can rely on Sparkle.
3:00PM ( 2 months ago )
My Fuzzy Valentine(s)
Love is in the air. / Valentine’s Day is near. / No Necco candy hearts this year. / I do not care… / Kidding. I do. / Candy.
9:15AM ( 3 months ago )
Like looking in a small, furry mirror
Have you ever heard the old saying people look like their pets, or saw it in real life? Despite the evidence in my own family, I am finally convinced now this theory checks out.
2:45PM ( 4 months ago )
And a yappy new year....
I hadn’t given too much thought to resolutions for 2019. In fact, I actually took a resolutions-hiatus in 2018 to just allow life to happen. And as life happened, I got my dog, Smidge.
9:00AM ( 4 months ago )
Picking a favorite Christmas thing is like picking a favorite kid, so it's a good thing I only have pets
Maria von Trapp even said it herself – “these are a few of my favorite things” – and I, too, think it’s tough to choose when your options are everything from ceramic light-up trees and a dozen fresh donuts that were free, to snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes and geese with the moon on their wings.
9:00AM ( 5 months ago )