Sunday September 22nd, 2019 4:00AM
Happy little hello’s from the afterlife
You’ve probably heard the Native American story that a “red bird” or cardinal is a spirit of a loved one visiting you. I had always heard that dragonflies are visitors from the other side.
1:00PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Guys, I need $1,000 - it's for puppies
​I promise I’m not a bad person. I just make mistakes… a lot of mistakes. I’ve made poor choices. Ran with the wrong crowd. Gotten my heart broken and been let down. I hate to say it, but old habits die hard, and I’m….
2:56PM ( 1 month ago )
The beasts take on Independence Day
​There’s nothing like some pure Americana activity on the July 4th holiday. I’m pretty sure fireworks have become required for this holiday. While the sparkly fire booms can be pretty and magical, they can also be misery-inducing, especially for combat veterans or a pet that thinks the apocalypse is finally dawning.
3:00PM ( 2 months ago )
Ditch your alarm clock and get a cat
Every morning it starts with sweet purring. In the deep darkness of my room it starts as a gentle and delicate lulling, but intensifies in to a full-fledge roar, as if someone had started a cat-themed, completely upgraded monster truck on the pillow to my left.
4:00PM ( 2 months ago )
Ahorita: Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Smidge
After spending so much of my life curious about the tiny dogs with alien faces, here I was in an outdoor pen, in the middle of June, looking for a dog that could encompass all of my lifetime experiences into one tiny package.
1:36PM ( 3 months ago )
Good dog, bad egg
Somehow, I didn’t ruin my rescue dog’s first trip to a sidewalk café even though I had to dislodge an entire scrambled egg from her throat.
11:00AM ( 3 months ago )
Chloe in the afternoon. And evening. And morning. Actually all the time.
I actually almost changed my name when I was 18 to Alyson-Chloe, not just because it sounded like French glamour and champagne kisses, BUT BECAUSE CHLOE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY NAME.
2:01PM ( 4 months ago )
The tooth about maturity
What I do know is, my black beauty is getting older, and apparently at a more rapid rate than I thought.
1:00PM ( 4 months ago )