Wednesday November 25th, 2020 7:50PM
Bit by the travel pug
If you’re bold enough to travel during the upcoming holiday season (because there’s noooo place like hooomeee or the holly-dayssss) then you already know that in the hazard-laden year of 2020, you’re taking a risk with a capital R.
1:00PM ( 2 days ago )
Pets are the life of the party
Pet jokes are pretty universal. You can tell a dog or a cat joke at a party and virtually everyone in the group will engage.
2:30PM ( 1 week ago )
Have your Valentino and eat it too
At this rate, he will never buy me Valentino because I’m eating whatever is in my designer goods budget.
2:30PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Getting your kibble buttered on both sides
I have recently discovered that my dog is not street smart, she’s practically the valedictorian of the school of hard knocks.
3:30PM ( 3 weeks ago )
The plight of the gnocchi girl
​Nothing deters Cairo from a little snack.
1:48PM ( 4 weeks ago )
Bad beanie-weenie!
I got in a fight with my dog.
3:10PM ( 1 month ago )
As you wish: Locked Up with the cool cats and kittens at HSNEGA
Usually, when I get #LockedUpForGood as part of the annual Adoption Angel Fundraiser, I'm curled up with a buddy in the large dog runs. It's noisey and a little chilly back there. But the cat room was like hearing tiny, fuzzy angels playing harps emerging from the heavens when they were allowed out to stretch their paws, flick their tails, and get a little playtime.
2:18PM ( 2 months ago )
Taking a gamble, but I need $1,000 into the kitty… for kitties!
Coronavirus has put everyone into a mood, me included. And my sassy attitude, along with constantly snoozing Cairo, my kitty cat alarm clock, every single morning, I’ve been served a warrant once again… and I need to raise $1,000 for homeless pets to get bailed out of “jail” when I get #LockedUpForGood at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia on September 24.
2:51PM ( 2 months ago )