Saturday May 18th, 2024 12:09PM

Gwinnett property owners to receive annual assessment notices

By Steve Winslow Anchor/Reporter

Gwinnett County's Board of Assessors has announced this week that they have mailed out required notifications to all residential and commercial property owners in the county, as of Friday, April 5.

The county is required by law to notify property owners about the annual value each property holds.  The current mailing is reflective of property value as of January 1, 2024.

The Annual Notice of Assessment is not a tax bill but does include an estimate of 2024 property taxes. Officials with the Gwinnett  Assessor's Office note that each assessment should include:

  • The estimate combines the 2024 property value with the 2023 millage rates and exemptions on file.
  • The 2023 tax rates are used because the 2024 rates for county, cities and schools are not calculated until later in the year.
  • The estimates on the notice do not account for potential changes to fees, such as stormwater, solid waste, streetlights or speed control devices. 

The Assessor's Office suggests that property owners review their Annual Notice of Assessment to ensure accuracy, and to notice if their property is listed at fair market value.

Gwinnett County property owners who disagree with the 2024 value have 45 days from the date on their assessment notice to file an appeal online, in person or by mail. 

Any Gwinnett County taxpayer who wishes to view and print a copy of their annual notice, research market values, read frequently asked questions or submit an appeal online can visit 

The Gwinnett County Assessors’ Office can be reached by phone at 770.822.7200 or by email at [email protected].

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