Saturday April 20th, 2024 1:39AM

Barrow Co. Emergency Services rebrands to Barrow Co. Fire Department

By Caleb Hutchins Assistant News Director

Barrow County Emergency Services is in the process of rebranding itself as the Barrow County Fire Department.

The move was announced in a social media post Thursday. Department officials said the change was prompted by the privatization of EMS and the county's E-911 becoming a separate division.

"We felt it was time for a more traditional look," Fire Chief Alan Shuman said in Thursday's release.

Officials said stakeholders with the department have been meeting over the past two years, deciding on the new name and creating new logos and patches. With that work completed, the department is now moving into the implementation phase of the rebrand.

"This process will not change the services or level of care currently provided by our fire personnel," Thursday's post said. " As we continue, we will evaluate the implementation and continue pushing out the branding to include a new look on our fire trucks and other departmental vehicles."

Department officials said they will continue to monitor feedback from stakeholders throughout the rebranding process.

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