Thursday August 22nd, 2019 8:27PM

Suwanee city council approves update to alcohol rules at Town Center Park

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Patrons at Suwanee's Town Center Park can now have alcohol out in the park on any day of the year — instead of special occasions, like festivals — though it must be purchased from a local business or vendor.

City council members unanimously approved the update Tuesday night at the city council voting session, according to Marty Allen, city manager.

The rule does not, nor will it ever, apply for "BYOB" (bring your own beer) in Town Center Park, Allen said. There are no plans to allow for "BYOB" at any point.

"We want to support the local businesses, and allow the businesses to manage the sale of alcohol to individuals," Allen said.

Formerly, patrons could only have alcohol outside within the park on certain days, which created confusion for all parties involved, including law enforcement.

"As our event season has gotten more and more full, shall we say, it's become obvious that allowing alcohol at all times ... will, administratively, be more clear," Allen said.

"The community will understand it. Police will understand it. Vendors will understand it."

Alcohol is only allowed during regular operating hours, Allen said.

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