Wednesday January 20th, 2021 1:44AM
An education is a terrible thing to waste
A friend whose daughter is interested in a career in journalism asked me recently what courses the young woman should concentrate on when she goes off to the University of Georgia this fall. I had to think about that for a moment. There were some courses I was required to take that I’m not sure have been of much benefit to me over the years.
12:05AM ( 5 years ago )
Careful what you put in your mouth
I used to hate it when my mother would make me sit at the dinner table until I finished eating my green beans or turnip greens or Brussels sprouts or whatever nasty thing she put on my plate. But years later, I am thankful for one thing. As a result of being exposed to lot of kinds of foods, I am not a picky eater.
12:05AM ( 5 years ago )
The life you save could be a possum's
I couldn’t sleep the other night, so at a little after 3 in the blessed a.m., I turned on the TV. Big mistake. I have 500 channels of TV, and I can barely find something to watch during prime time. The overnight hours are a vast wasteland, filled commercials for Snuggies and Pocket Fishermen.
12:05AM ( 5 years ago )
Waiting by the mailbox for 'Mockingbird' sequel
It will come to no surprise to you that I enjoy reading. It’s rare that I’m not in the middle of reading a book. In fact, I often have more than one book going, in case tonight I’m in the mood for a mystery and tomorrow I want a biography. I don’t often get excited about the release of a new book, though Even if it’s something I want to read, I figure I’ll get around to it soon enough. But I honestly can’t wait for the Tuesday release of “Go Set a Watchman,” the much anticipated sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the Pulitzer Prize winning novel written by Harper Lee of Monroeville, Ala.
12:05AM ( 5 years ago )
Naps are wasted on the young
In one memorable episode of “The Andy Griffith Show,” Barney Fife got angry when Andy went through his lunch to find something to feed the dog that followed Opie to the courthouse. “Barn, you’ve got three sandwiches in there,” Andy would say. “Two for my lunch and one for late in the day, when I get my sinking spell,” Barney said.
12:30AM ( 5 years ago )
Checking in on the state of the Union
Thomas Jefferson dropped by my office the other day for a chat. Yes, that Thomas Jefferson. But don’t judge. Some people claim to see UFOs. Others set up séances to connect with their late Aunt Hildegarde. I talk to the Founding Fathers.
12:05AM ( 5 years ago )