Thursday October 22nd, 2020 11:27AM
Out of the mouths of babes
I knew I wasn’t doing a good job of it, but as her mom, I wanted to comfort her in a time of sadness. I wanted to explain it in a way that she could understand and feel peace. I wanted to find the right words to make her feel safe and reassured. I was an idiot.
9:40AM ( 5 months ago )
Learning lessons in a pandemic
What a weird season. Every time I think I step firmly down, the step shifts and I have to find my footing again. So, here we are. Wherever that is. And wherever I am, I want to grow and learn from this time that I have.
4:12PM ( 6 months ago )
Surviving Coronavirus one public hand rail lick at a time
The same seat that all of Atlanta’s population, bathed and unbathed, used as a means of getting to and from their destinations, is the same seat that my precious, beautiful, innocent daughter decided to put her mouth all over. How can I keep my babies safe? Can I germ-x the whole world?
4:37PM ( 7 months ago )
Moms didn't invent time change
Time change. Yawn. My kids don’t understand time change. I don’t understand time change. I don’t understand LOSING an hour of sleep.
3:39PM ( 7 months ago )
Cracker Crumbs and Crayon Stubs
It’s o.k. if sometimes we find crayons in our life instead of pens, imperfections in place of expectations, a strange turn here, a different plan there…
4:15PM ( 7 months ago )
There's a chicken in my kitchen
I’m learning some life lessons from a chicken. We have chicken. Just one. The chickens, plural, died, thanks to some hungry wildlife.
5:00PM ( 7 months ago )
Ketchup covered keys
When I began this blog, I committed to providing an authentic insight to my crazy life, wrought with messy, sticky honesty, but I had no idea how much material God would provide. So, I guess I’m here to remind you that you are probably having an o.k. day, unless you also dug through multiple trash cans of a public restaurant with your bare hands.
3:39PM ( 8 months ago )
Living on peanut butter and prayer
I just want to be perfectly honest that when I’m tired and kids are hungry, I just might throw them some peanut butter crackers and count it as protein. In fact, I’m mostly living on peanut butter and prayer – the two things I can’t live without.
9:30PM ( 8 months ago )