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7 teens arrested in relation to break in at East Hall High

By Lawson Smith Anchor/Reporter
Seven teenagers have been charged with second-degree burglary and criminal damage to property after a break-in at East Hall High School. 
A Hall County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer discovered that the school’s property had been damaged when he arrived at 5 a.m. on Friday, March 15. The SRO initially observed toilet paper in some of the trees on campus, as well as caution tape and toilet paper wrapped around railings and outdoor tables in the quad area outside of the school’s cafeteria. Green de-icing salt had also been poured on the steps near the cafeteria and egg residue was stuck to the exterior parts of the building including windows. 
Additionally, the SRO discovered eggs and eggshells inside three vending machines and eggs had been thrown at the door to the school’s assistant principal’s office. 
Further investigation revealed the group snuck into the school through an outside back door of the school’s weight room. De-icing salt had also been poured in an area outside of the gym. 
The school administration was able to use security camera footage to determine that the break in occured just after 12 a.m. Friday morning. The footage also allowed them to identify and track the actions of the seven suspects.    
 The Hall County Sheriff’s Office reportedly arrested Jacobs Daniel Christian, 17, of Lula, Hunter Michael Carr, 18, of Gillsville, Cason McBryan Cash, 18, of Gainesville, Delsin Nucoma Grindle, 18, of Gainesville, Azyon Esias Morrison, 17, of Gainesville, Temeris Zyair Morrison, 18, of Gainesville and Kaleb Trenton Reeves, 18, of Gainesville. 
Six of the suspects are current EHHS students. Morrison is a former student.  All seven have been released from jail on bond. 
The Hall County School District is still working to determine the total damage amount to the campus. 
While the district is unsure if the break-in was related to the ongoing  Junior/ Senior wars that arise each prom season, HCSD officials urged students in a statement to refrain from activities that may damage school or private property. 
‘It's essential to recognize the serious consequences that can arise from engaging in destructive behavior,” the statement read. “Damaging property can lead to criminal charges, not to mention the potential repercussions on your participation in graduation ceremonies and other special events planned for this time of year. We cannot stress enough the importance of making responsible choices and thinking about the long-term impact of your actions.”
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