Sunday April 21st, 2024 7:10PM

Barrow Co. authorities advise of new phone scam

By Caleb Hutchins Assistant News Director

Another phone scam is being reported by an area law enforcement agency.

This time, Barrow County Sheriff's Office officials say scammers have been calling area residents claiming to be with U.S. Customs or a U.S. border agent. Citing one specific report from a resident, officials said in a social media post Friday that the scammers then started prying for personal information.

"He stated the citizen needed to give him personal information regarding a federal investigation and assets he owned," the post said. "He advised the citizen he needed to sign and email him an 'Asset Declaration Form'”.

Authorities reminded residents that they should not give away personal information over the phone unless they have a way of verifying the legitimacy of the person calling them.

"This citizen was very smart and realized this was not right however said the scammer made the call seem very legitimate and (we) could see how someone could be scammed and get taken advantage of," Friday's post said.

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