Monday May 17th, 2021 9:51PM

Ground-dog Day

By Alyson Shields Reporter

I can almost hear my dog singing. It also sounds a lot like a violent, raging snore-fest, but I can faintly hear the theme from Caddyshack

I’m alright, nobody worry ‘bout me.

I’m not sure Smidge has ever seen the 1980s cinematic classics Caddyshack or Groundhog Day, but I bet she’d go nuts - literally nuts - for the rodent themes. She enjoys chasing and/or barking at things, whether it be curious critter, the cat, a big brown dog (specifically big brown dogs) or whatever pleasant soul is delivering us a package. She is also one of those dogs that will wake up from a dead sleep and bark because there was a doorbell on TV.

While she is behind on her cinematic classics, every day is “Ground-dog Day” for Smidge. She likes her routine, I think. She starts the day curled up in her bean bag until it’s time to go out, then time to eat; retreats to the bean bag while I get ready for the day; dutifully follows a Milk Bone to her kennel before I head to work; prances through her afternoon walk; happily eats again; and then finds a warm spot on my lap or in the crook of my leg to sleep until bedtime. Apparently she needs much more sleep than overnight can provide.

Cairo has some similar habits, like waking me up for breakfast at unreasonable hours and turning himself in a cat loaf, guarding the entrance to the living room while Smidge and I get cozy. So protective. But he’s not as to-the-letter as Smidgey is. He prefers to wait until his baby sister is asleep in her bean bag, and then he saddles up beside me on the big bed.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to sit down and read a book in my cozy chair, which is stationed in a bay window, instead of lounging on the sofa. The little dog of the house clambered into my lap, laying flat down like a hot dog on the grill, and proceeded to have multiple doggie dreams and snore as if she was accompanying a symphony. At one point she snored so loudly and was breathing so fast, I woke her up because I thought she might be having a nightmare.

My pets are so content with routine, especially sleeping, when I’m around. It makes me wonder if they sit up when I’m gone, plotting and scheming, and are finally ready for some deep relaxation when I return.

To be honest, I’m grateful that my pets are so interested in my attention, to just sleep in my lap or at my feet. Sometimes I even get the two together, side by side. I usually can’t move when they do that. But it’s alright, because in the stillness I think I can hear a two-part harmony.

I’m alright….

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