Tuesday April 7th, 2020 11:00PM

Talking to my pets about COVID-19

By Alyson Shields Reporter

Ok, guys, I sat you down because I wanted to talk to you about something serious: what's going on in the world.
I know you haven't seen Grandpaw in a while. Smidge, I know that's been hard for you since he usually takes you out during the day and gives you extra treats. But Grandpaw isn't teaching right now, at least, not in his classroom.
Grandpaw is teaching all of his classes online because there's a virus going around. No, Cairo, not a computer virus, the robotic mouse toy is safe.
This virus is called COVID-19. It's not dangerous to doggos and kikis like yourselves. However it can be dangerous to humans, especially older people, like my parents, and those who have compromised immune systems.
I've been following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control. First, Smidge, you are already doing a great job at social distancing. That's when we try to stay six feet away from people at all times to prevent any germs from spreading. Cairo, it's ok if you get close to me but if anyone comes over (ok, but like pretend) you have to back off, ok? No sticking your butt in their faces.
I know I'm still going to work every day. I know you guys know other people, our neighbors, our friends are all staying home right now and I'm not. I'm really sorry you're disappointed about that, but at least I can take you, Smidge, with me when there almost no other people in building.
No, Cairo, you know what happened last time you were in the office. You found the only person who had an allergy to cats and then you bothered him incessantly. You can do your part by guarding homebase.
Since you can't sneeze into your elbows, I guess try sneezing into your chests? Or maybe your butts? Just, anywhere that isn't on someone else.
Unfortunately, this does also mean you both will get some extra bathes. We have to wash our paws!
The best thing you guys can do right now is just be yourselves. I could really use the back up since we can't see my parents, or my brother, or any of our friends.
These are trying times. I know you can see that I'm preoccupied. I know you can hear me when I get upset. I know you can tell our routine is out of order.
But I'm counting on you guys, ok? I don't think I'm ever gonna count on you more in your entire lives than right now, guys. Because it's just us for now. We are completely alone, except for whatever government bugs have been planted around the house that I don't know about... Cairo, now would certainly be the time to let me know if you knew anything.
I wish I could say it's all gonna be fine and it'll blow over, or that I knew what was next. But I don't. At least we have each other.
Now go wash your paws, it's time for dinner.

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