Friday April 26th, 2019 10:23AM

Firefighters respond to reported explosion at White County Transfer Station

By Rob Moore Reporter

CLEVELAND — White County Public Safety officials reported Monday that firefighters responded to a reported explosion at the county’s transfer station late last week.

“On Thursday, April 5, around 1 p.m., an employee at the transfer station reported to E-9-1-1 that while pushing trash with a bulldozer into the main dumpster, there was an explosion,” a statement from spokeswoman Ana Newberry reads.

“Upon arrival of firefighters, it was discovered that a can of paint thinner had exploded but the remaining ‘liquid’ had burned up in the flash fire,” Newberry’s statement reads.

After a thorough check with a thermal imaging camera, firefighters found no fire, no hot spots, and no injuries.

“White County firefighters highly recommend that you use up an entire can or container of paint thinner or other solvent, leave the lid off to let the container dry, then recycle with the regular plastics or metals,” Newberry’s statement reads. “Residue will not hinder the recycling process.”

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