Saturday March 23rd, 2019 2:51PM

Cleveland Travel And Tours Operator Visits Olympics

By Dean Dyer- WRWH
CLEVELAND - Lots of folks had the opportunity to check out the Olympics on television, but Christina Ernst, President of VIP Travel, VIP Alpine Tours of Cleveland was there in person for a portion of the event.

Ernst said she was invited by the German and Bavarian Tourism Boards to attend the Olympics in Vancouver. She said, she flew up Thursday and returned Sunday. Ernst  was able to spend time with two  German Gold medalists as well as attend the Olympic Biathlon Relay championships, go snowmobiling, dine at the top of Whistler where they had a special fireworks show just for her group.  

Ernst was selected from thousands of tour operators across the USA and Canada to attend this event. She said it was a trip of a lifetime!

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