Sunday November 27th, 2022 2:46PM
The composer is gone ... but his music lives on ...
Oscar-winner Vangelis leaves behind a rich legacy
12:17PM ( 6 months ago )
How I would fix "Doctor Who"
... not that anyone has asked me!
10:03AM ( 10 months ago )
Let's just be friends ...
A "Dear John" letter to all the fast food spots I like to frequent ...
9:51AM ( 1 year ago )
How did we survive without technology? I don't know, but I'd like to try!
How the gadgets that make our lives so much easier can make our lives a living heck!
10:30AM ( 1 year ago )
The unsung heroes of the small screen ...
A handful of prolific composers created the soundtracks of our lives ... and sadly remain anonymous.
11:23AM ( 1 year ago )
Rush Limbaugh is Why I'm Here!
More than a radio superstar, the late media titan restored an industry.
9:39AM ( 1 year ago )
The little animation studio that could ... the story of Total Television ...
From Underdog to Tennessee Tuxedo ... how two maverick toonsters changed the landscape of children's television!
12:27PM ( 1 year ago )
Sam, You Made the Show Too Long
Why does television still need a full hour to tell the tale?
9:56AM ( 2 years ago )