Monday October 18th, 2021 3:29AM

Bryan Pirkle

Bryan Pirkle
LISTEN: A trip through the world's most bizarre, gross and taboo science
Journalist Erika Engelhaupt joins the show to discuss "Gory Science," a collection of grisly true science stories collected over the years.
9:03PM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: "Cunningham and Other Pigs I Have Known"
Author Emory Jones joins the show to discuss his latest book, "Cunningham and Other Pigs I Have Known."
8:58PM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: A&E's new survivor series, "I Survived a Crime"
Gio Benitez, host of A&E's new nonfiction series, "I Survived a Crime," joins the show to discuss the program, which explores the stories of victims, each of whom survived a sudden crime, and examines the lasting effects the ordeal may have.
7:32PM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: "Flight 3911," a re-imagining of 9/11 through the lens of historical fiction
Author Billy Paul Smith joins the show to discuss his historical fiction book, "Flight 3911," which imagines a fifth airliner - meant to target the White House - that was commandeered by a group of Americans during the events of 9/11.
7:27PM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: Tips for handling your scared pets in the eye of the storm
Dr. Marie Lance with Gainesville's Lance Animal Hospital joins the show, this time offering some tips for owners whose pets struggle with panic when stormy weather moves in.
8:06PM ( 7 months ago )
LISTEN: Behind the scenes at "60 Minutes"
Ira Rosen, a longtime producer for CBS' 60 Minutes, joins the show to discuss his 40-year history with the storied program.
8:20PM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: Regulation vs. Tech. Innovation
Randy Landreneau, President of U.S. Inventor, joins the show to talk about the issues that increased regulations can pose for innovations in the tech world.
8:18PM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: The life of historian, veteran, economist and columnist Thomas Sowell
Journalist/scholar Jason Riley joins the show to discuss his upcoming t.v. documentary, "Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World."
9:03PM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: Healing a divided nation, with an eye on the future
Nancy K. Napier joins to discuss her new book, "The Bridge Generation of Vietnam," which she says can show how the US can heal after an acrimonious few years.
8:57PM ( 8 months ago )
LISTEN: Pest Control for Pets
Dr. Marie Lance with Lance Animal Hospital joins the show to share some options for pet owners who need to keep their furry friends safe from potentially dangerous pests and insects.
4:55PM ( 8 months ago )