Monday July 23rd, 2018 11:38AM

Bryan Pirkle

Bryan Pirkle
LISTEN: Tips for stress-free summer travel
Annita Thomas with Travel Bags joins the show to offer listeners her top tips for travelling stress-free this summer season.
9:28PM ( 1 week ago )
Hall Co. deputy hospitalized following series of collisions on Browns Bridge Road
A Hall County Sheriff's Deputy was hospitalized Saturday after being struck in the head by an unknown piece of debris during a traffic accident.
7:30PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Suspect sought after fleeing Gainesville traffic stop
Hall County authorities are on the lookout for a suspect who fled from a traffic stop late Saturday morning that was conducted as part of a shooting-related investigation.
5:27PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: American Flag Football League founder talks upcoming event
Jeff Lewis, the founder and CEO of the American Flag Football League, joins the show to talk about the league, as well as an upcoming event in Atlanta that will feature pro. athletes like Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco and Carlos Boozer.
8:08PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Islamic journalist discusses Trump's withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal
Pakistani-American journalist Raheel Raza, a self-described "progressive Muslim" and anti-racism activist, joins the show to talk about the Trump administration's decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement earlier this year.
7:59PM ( 3 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Conservative free-market advocate defends FCC's "Net Neutrality" decision
Phil Kerpen, President of right-wing non-profit group American Commitment, joins the show to offer an endorsement of the FCC's recent decision on the "Net Neutrality" issue.
5:00PM ( 4 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Author/nature photojournalist discusses new book from "National Geographic Kids"
Acclaimed author and nature photojournalist Brian Skerry joined the show to talk about the recently-released children's book "National Geographic Kids: The Ultimate Book of Sharks," as well as shark safety tips, fun facts and his favorite personal encounters.
5:00PM ( 4 weeks ago )
LISTEN: Policy expert on recently-passed legislation that aims to address the nation's skilled worker gap
Peter Murphy, the Vice President for Policy at the Invest in Education Foundation, joins the show to discuss the USA Workforce Tax Credit Act, which seeks to boost the country's labor force by encouraging charitable donations for things like community-based apprenticeship initiatives and K-12 educational preparedness.
5:00PM ( 1 month ago )
LISTEN: Paul Ryan's amnesty plan from the perspective of an immigration-reduction advocate
Chris Chmielenski with NumbersUSA, an organization that seeks to reduce both legal and illegal immigration to the United States, joins the show to discuss the amnesty plan recently put forth by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
5:04AM ( 1 month ago )
Listen: Volcanologist gives update on Kilauea eruption
Ken Hon, a volcanologist calling in from Hawaii's Imiloa Astronomy Center, gives an update on the ongoing, long-lasting Kilauea eruption.
7:59PM ( 1 month ago )