Monday June 17th, 2024 12:54AM

Drew Echols wins State Senate 49 primary race

By AccessWDUN Staff

State Senator candidate Drew Echols took home the win during Tuesday night's primary election in Hall County.

Echols ran against fellow Republican candidate Josh Clark in a hotly contested race, pulling in over 52% of the vote.

"Hall County, Georgia, you go back to just the tremendous amount of leadership that has come through this county," Echols said. "Statewide, I feel like Hall County is a beacon on the hill, so to speak. We do a lot of things right, we do some things wrong, but we have to continue to lead right here in this district and what we need is somebody that has been here. We need somebody that is rooted in this community, that has worked hard, that has sweat in this community, that has cried in this community. I'm going to be that guy."

Echols believes some of the most pressing issues facing Hall County include state road improvements.

"There's a lot of state roads here in Hall County that have some issues that need addressing," Echols said. "My business is right on the side of Ga. 365 and you can't get out on that road. That corridor, the Ga. 52 corridor, we have all these other state roads in the county that we need improvements, we need people looking at this. We need people that can facilitate these issues. I've been working all my life, volunteering and serving in different capacities. I think transportation's a big issue."

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