Friday April 19th, 2024 9:30PM

Chilly pets: Keeping animals warm and safe in freezing temperatures

By Christian Ashliman and Caleb Hutchins

Hall County Animal Services Director Trey Garcia Friday provided several tips in keeping pets safe and warm as cold fronts sweep across North Georgia.

As cold temperatures are expected throughout the night Friday and into Saturday, the Hall County Animal Shelter shared rules of thumb when it comes to ensuring the safety of pets, starting with the idea that if you feel cold, there is a good chance your pet feels cold too.

“When it comes to water, a lot of times people have their water outside for their animals, and that can be frozen as well, so we always encourage fresh water,” Garcia said. “Some animal’s owners provide jackets for them, that goes a long way as well. Some animals, they have medication issues, they have arthritis, diabetes, so knowing that the cold can really exacerbate the problem. We just want to encourage the community that as Animal Control and Animal Services, we want to be a resource for the community.”

Anything below 30 degrees is stated to be concerning when it comes to animals being kept outside, according to Garcia. While some dog breeds can handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees, Garcia noted that a good rule is to bring pets indoors when temperatures dip below the 30 degree mark.

“If you're going to take your dog out, don't keep them out too long,” Garcia said. “They can have some paw issues out in the cold weather.”

Typically dogs handle cold weather better than cats, Garcia said, but even still, all animals should be provided warmth and shelter under freezing temperatures.

For more information about Hall County Animal Services, click here or call (678) 450-1587.

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