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Habersham County: How to avoid or respond to dog bites

By Sydney Hencil Anchor/Reporter
With increased reports of dog bites, Habersham County Animal Care and Control offers the following tips to keep the community safe around animals.
At least 800,000 people, half of which are children, seek medical attention for dog bites each year according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Dog bites are most prevalent among boys ages 5 to 9.  
Children are most likely to be bitten by dogs they know in circumstances involving food, possession and approaching a dog’s territory.  According to Habersham County Animal Care and Control, children under 4 are most likely bitten in the head or neck due to their height.  Most dog aggression toward children is fear-based.  
That is why Habersham County Animal Care and Control offers the following tips:
  • Respect an animal’s space. Animals who feel crowded or threatened may go into defensive mode.
  • Remember that anything with teeth can bite.
  • Always supervise children around animals, including family pets.
  • Ask permission from the owner before touching/petting an animal.
  • Make sure all pets have current vaccinations before allowing children to play with them.
  • Never taunt or tease pets.
  • Do NOT handle wildlife! This includes babies, even if they appear to be alone.
If you have been bitten by a dog:
  • Seek medical attention, if necessary, but only dial 9-1-1 in a true emergency.
  • Follow up with local authorities when necessary. Dog bites may be reported to Animal Control at (706) 839-0496.
  • If the bite is from an unknown animal, seek medical attention right away. Document as many details as possible. Photos are important, when possible, for quarantine purposes.
  • If at all possible, obtain proof of rabies vaccination and give it to medical professionals in order to streamline treatment options.
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