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Former senator Kelly Loeffler talks about Greater Georgia voting group’s efforts

Republicans are aiming to increase voter registration and ensure election integrity ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Former Georgian Republican senator Kelly Loeffler, who lost her re-election bid in January 2021, created the Greater Georgia voting group to motivate and inform voters.
Loeffler spoke on WDUN’s Newsroom about her group’s accomplishments and goals for the upcoming elections.
According to Loeffler, Greater Georgia has had over 2 million voter contacts since January 2021. Additionally she said 279,000 voters who had not voted in the last four primary elections pulled a Republican ticket this year.
“Our group has been on the ground every single day talking to voters,” Loeffler said. “And voters appreciate voter ID, they appreciate restoring trust around elections, up and down the board.”
She said that Georgia Senate Bill 202, in combination with Greater Georgia’s efforts, have already made a difference in voters’ trust. 
“We got back as a state to standing up for election integrity, which means we need voter ID,” Loeffler said. “The vast majority of Republicans and Democrats agree that that's a common sense guardrail for our elections. And many, many other guardrails that have brought people back.”
Loeffler’s voting group also keeps an eye on voter fraud at ballot boxes.
“I think we can never be complacent with our elections,” Loeffler said. “And that's why having a group like Greater Georgia on the ground, making sure that we're always monitoring what's going on in elections, so that we act before an election so that we raise concerns in the courts before and not after an election happens.”
Loeffler said the importance of the November 8 election for Republicans cannot be understated. Democrats currently hold a 220-211 majority in the United States House of Representatives, while Republicans hold a narrow 50-48 lead in the Senate.
“Everything's at stake here,” Loeffler said. “Because we know that this is going to be our last chance for a reckoning for what single party rule in Washington has done to our country. It's a reckoning for the mandates, for the massive inflation that's out of control, for the disastrous foreign policy decisions, and on and on. We're living in a situation where we have just one crisis after another.”
Greater Georgia has made a deliberate effort to talk to voters in different communities across the state, in order to motivate citizens to participate in the midterm election.
“We have to make sure that we are watching for those changes,” Loeffler said. “We have our folks at the polls, doing poll watching, working at the polls, and also volunteering with groups like ours to talk to your neighbors. Because we know that voters no longer trust the liberal media to get the message out. And so that's why local engagement [and] local elections are so important, so that we can have our way of life here in Georgia maintained.”
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