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Hall County Board of Commissioners approves bid for $3 million road improvement grant

By Christian Ashliman Anchor/Reporter
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The Hall County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve a list of roads due for improvement in their bid for the LMIG grant.

The Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) allows the county to resurface various roads that need it most. The roads included in the improvement list will be addressed in FY 2024 when grant funds are awarded. Hall County’s application comprised 17 different roads of varying lengths, collectively forming 6.56 miles of street to resurface. All of the roads in the application are in Commission Districts 2 and 3.

Some of the roads up for renewal include a 0.8-mile span of Greggs Road, a 1.4-mile span of Barkers Bend Drive and a 0.8-mile span of Blackstock Road. The entire list of road improvements can be found online.

FY 2023s LMIG grant application awarded Hall County $2,046,710 to perform road resurfacing. This year, the county seeks $3,050,400. Originally, the county sought improvements to approximately 22 to 24 miles of road, but due to expected funding from the LMIG, the improvement request list had to be condensed.

The Georiga Department of Transportation (GDOT) website provided further insight into what grant numbers are based on and how it aims to help.

 “The annual LMIG allocation is based on the total centerline road miles for each local road system and the total population of each county or city as compared with the total statewide centerline road miles and total statewide population,” GDOTs website says. “The LMIG program will allow local governments greater flexibility and quicker project delivery while allowing us to effectively administer the program with a reduced workforce and new funding match requirements.

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