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Small Business Spotlight: TurnKey Facility Maintenance

By Lauren Hunter Multimedia Journalist

The COVID-19 pandemic has made disinfecting a space more important than ever, especially for essential businesses that remain open.

That is where TurnKey Facility Maintenance comes in- a Gainesville-based company that specializes in cleaning and disinfecting areas so that business owners and employees can feel at ease in their work environment.

TurnKey owner and Operations Manager John Winfrey said TFM got started when he and co-owner Bryan Binson realized there was a need for emphasizing detail when cleaning facilities in the area.

“We felt like there was a lack of detail in the cleaning of facilities that we toured and saw,” said Winfrey. “We felt like we could do it better.”

Some of the facilities that TFM crews clean include churches, schools, office buildings and financial institutions.

TurnKey focuses on two important aspects of the business- the cleaning process and customer satisfaction. Their cleaning process consists of starting at the top of a facility and working to the bottom. TurnKey employees also use hospital-grade disinfectant that is approved by the Environment Protection Agency.

Naturally, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way TFM employees regularly clean. While there is typically a schedule in place for areas that need to be cleaned nightly, weekly or quarterly, now just about every area needs to be disinfected once, or even twice, a day.

“It’s been hectic,” said Winfrey. “Our employees have really stepped up and done whatever it’s taken to get the client open the next day for business.”

Winfrey said the job gets especially hectic whenever TFM employees clean facilities where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19.

“We wear full head-to-toe suits and we wear masks and gloves,” said Winfrey. “We disinfect everything in there and then we let the disinfectant work, so we feel very confident that if there was anything on the surface in that facility, it is now taken care of.”

Undoubtedly, TFM employees’ commitment to what they do has led to such a high customer retention rate, which their website lists at 94 percent.

Part of keeping a client happy is understanding their needs, which is exactly what Winfrey said the employees at TFM do.

“We meet with the client, we talk about what their wants and desires are for their facility,” said Winfrey. “It’s really just trying to meet their needs as they communicate them to us.”

TurnKey currently cleans facilities located in North and South Georgia, but Winfrey said TFM has the resources to go to locations all over the Southeast. More information about the company and their services is on their website.

The author would like to thank Syfan Logistics in Gainesville for allowing video footage in their facility.

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