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Oakwood City Council aligns animal tethering ordinance with Hall County

By Alyson Shields Reporter

As Hall County Commissioners decided against the unsupervised tethering of animals in the county last month, Oakwood City Council voted last week to adjust their animal abuse ordinance to match.

City Manager Stan Brown said some of the language in Oakwood's existing ordinance was updated. 

"Our code already had a prohibition about tethering animals, but since the county was adding that to their code, we just adjusted our language to match up with the language of the county," said Brown. "Since the county animal control officer provides the enforcement in our town, we want to make sure the language was very consistent with their's."

The vote at Monday's council meeting was unanimous.

The updated City of Oakwood ordinance included changing a subsection to state anyone who owns or has a dog in their possession cannot restrain it with varying types of materials, as well as specifying that in the ordinance that canine refers to a dog. It also said any ordinance or parts of an ordinance in the city that conflict with the update will be repealed.

The official ordinance title is Ordinance No. 2018-CO-10-773. The previous ordinance is posted online here.

The Hall County ordinance was approved October 25 by a unanimous vote and now requires citizens to supervise their pets if they are tethered. The tethering ban went in to effect on November 1.

Hall County's ordinance is as follows:

It shall be unlawful for the owner of a canine or one who has a canine in his possession to restrain or leave unattended by means of anchoring with a chain, cable, rope, leash, runner, cord or similar tethering device.

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