Monday January 27th, 2020 8:45PM

Morning Edition with Bill Maine

Bill and Joel interview Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson about their new book "Gratitude and Trust"
Award-winning song writer Paul Williams and film and television writer Tracey Jackson talk with Bill and Joel about their book "Gratitude and Trust"
11:36AM ( 4 years ago )
Scott Smith discusses the Financial Settlements Tax with Bill and Joel 7-15-15
Scott Smith-independent candidate for President in 2016-talks about replacing income tax with the Financial Settlements Tax with Bill and Joel. Find out how it would work.
11:52AM ( 4 years ago )
Best selling author Brad Meltzer discusses his latest book with WDUN's Bill and Joel
Bill and Joel get a look behind the scenes of Brad Meltzer's "The President's Shadow" and learn some interesting things about the White House and American History.
10:40AM ( 4 years ago )
Dr. Alex McFarland of the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University discusses the Charleston church shooting with WDUN's Bill and Joel
WDUN's Bill and Joel discuss how we should view and respond to the shooting in Charleston from a Christian perspective.
10:40AM ( 4 years ago )
Dr. Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church of Woodstock on his new book "Bedtime Devotions with Jesus"
WDUN's Bill and Joel talk about making time for God with your children using Dr. Johnny Hunt's new book "Bedtime Devotions with Jesus"
10:40AM ( 4 years ago )
Local woman turns a popular side dish into a popular commodity
WDUN's Bill and Joel learn how learn how White County's Dana Berry turned her macaroni and cheese into a business opportunity.
10:40AM ( 4 years ago )
Lee Greewood Discusses His Latest Project
The man behind the song "God Bless the U.S.A.", Lee Greenwood, talks with WDUN's Bill and Joel about the being adapted to a children's book.
10:40AM ( 4 years ago )
Bill and Joel Get a Taste of Chocolate Heaven
Bill and Joel get the story behind Chocolate Heaven from CEO Kristi Henderson
10:43AM ( 4 years ago )
Traveling With Fido - Annita Thomas Talks Pet Travel With Bill And Joel 5 - 22 - 15
Like to travel with your dog? Annita Thomas of Travel Bags shares some great tips with WDUN's Bill and Joel
2:12PM ( 4 years ago )
Is Your Marriage Built To Fail - -Dr Anne Brennan Malec With Bill And Joel 5 - 22 - 15
Coach up your marriage with help from Dr. Anne Brennan Malec as she shares tips from her book "Marriage in Modern Life" with WDUN's Bill and Joel.
2:07PM ( 4 years ago )