Sunday July 21st, 2024 12:01PM

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What would make Joe Biden drop out of the presidential race? Here are the four reasons he's cited
President Joe Biden has made it clear basically any which way you ask him: he’s definitely, assuredly, “one thousand percent” staying in the presidential race
4:59PM ( 3 days ago )
Biden and Trump accuse each other of weakening America's foreign policy. Here are the facts
In a relative rarity for presidential elections, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have long records on foreign policy and clearly stated positions on many of the world’s hot spots
4:20PM ( 3 days ago )
Democrats consider expelling Menendez from the Senate after conviction in bribery trial
Sen. Bob Menendez has shown no sign he will voluntarily resign from the Senate following his conviction on bribery charges
3:19PM ( 3 days ago )
US military pier for carrying aid to Gaza will be dismantled after weather and security problems
The U.S. military-built pier to carry humanitarian aid to Gaza will be dismantled and brought home, ending a mission fraught with weather and security problems
2:34PM ( 3 days ago )
Takeaways from AP-NORC poll showing majority of Democrats want Biden to drop out
Nearly two-thirds of Democrats say President Joe Biden should withdraw from the presidential race and let his party nominate a different candidate, according to a new AP-NORC poll
2:14PM ( 3 days ago )
Trump says Taiwan should pay more for defense and dodges questions if he would defend the island
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has demanded the self-governed island of Taiwan pay for U.S. protection
1:21PM ( 3 days ago )
Navy exonerates 256 Black sailors unjustly punished in 1944 after a deadly California port explosion
The U.S. Navy has exonerated 256 Black sailors found to be unjustly punished in 1944 following a California port explosion that killed hundreds of service members and exposed racist double standards among the then-segregated ranks
12:40PM ( 3 days ago )
Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro is released from prison and is headed to Milwaukee to address the RNC
Former Trump White House official Peter Navarro has been released from prison in Florida after completing his sentence for a contempt of Congress conviction and is expected to speak hours later at the Republican National Convention
11:19AM ( 4 days ago )
Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro, released from prison, decries 'weaponization' of justice system
Former Trump White House official Peter Navarro condemned the Biden administration for what he called the “weaponization” of the justice system, even as he pledged to offer a message of national unity when he speaks to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee
11:19AM ( 4 days ago )
Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro, just released from prison, gets roaring applause at RNC
Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro took the stage at the Republican National Convention to enthusiastic cheers hours after being released from prison
11:19AM ( 4 days ago )