Sunday June 24th, 2018 2:18PM

AP Elections

The Latest: Audio of sobbing children plays on House floor
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California has aired audio on the House floor of sobbing children in a detention center crying out for their parents
1:50PM ( 2 days ago )
Colorado's independents get vote in major party primaries
Colorado's independent voters are casting ballots in Tuesday's Democratic and Republican party primaries
1:49PM ( 2 days ago )
Baltimore's tough-talking prosecutor a formidable candidate
Baltimore's tough-talking prosecutor is likely to give challengers a run for their money in the upcoming Democratic primary _ despite her failure to convict officers in connection with the death of a black man while in police custody
12:55PM ( 2 days ago )
2 Senate rivals get attention for different reasons
A Republican and Democrat hoping to unseat Maine's popular independent Sen. Angus King are getting some attention, one for his arrest, the other for his dance moves
12:34PM ( 2 days ago )
The Latest: Trump says Dems are spreading phony border tales
President Donald Trump is accusing Democrats of circulating "phony stories of sadness and grief," amid a global uproar over his 'zero tolerance' policy for illegal border crossings
10:23AM ( 2 days ago )
Trump lets bygones be bygones as he backs Roby in Alabama
President Donald Trump is letting bygones be bygones as he endorses embattled Alabama Republican Rep. Martha Roby for re-election
8:18AM ( 2 days ago )
Colorado's independent voters get voice in party primaries
Colorado is joining other states in allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in Democratic and Republican party primaries
2:59AM ( 2 days ago )
The Latest: House immigration overhaul hanging by a thread
The House Republican immigration overhaul is dangling precariously, imperiled by stubborn differences between conservative and moderate factions
10:55PM ( 2 days ago )
The Latest: Trump complains Dems 'won't vote for anything'
President Donald Trump is complaining that Democrats "won't vote for anything!" after the House killed a hard-right immigration bill
7:26PM ( 2 days ago )
The Latest: Key immigration vote delayed until next week
Embattled House Republican leaders are delaying a vote on compromise GOP immigration legislation until next week
7:01PM ( 2 days ago )