Saturday June 23rd, 2018 2:46AM

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: Can GOP fix immigration amid border crisis
WHAT'S HAPPENING: House GOP leaders try to fix immigration crisis after Trump signs executive order and ahead of the November midterm elections
9:11AM ( 1 day ago )
Voting machines raise worries in Congo ahead of elections
Voting machines raise worries in Congo ahead of long-delayed presidential elections
5:42AM ( 1 day ago )
ABC News apologizes for mistaken graphic on Manafort
ABC News apologized for a graphic that aired on Wednesday, mistakenly saying that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had pled guilty to manslaughter charges
5:47PM ( 2 days ago )
Another test of loyalty looms over Trump's Minnesota visit
President Donald Trump is heading to Minnesota to stump for a congressional candidate, but another test of GOP loyalty to the president looms large over his visit
1:05PM ( 2 days ago )
House Republicans turn up the heat in standoff with DOJ
House Republicans say the FBI hasn't adequately addressed the issue of bias within the agency
2:01AM ( 3 days ago )
Lewandowski on girl with Down syndrome: 'Wah wah'
A former campaign manager for Donald Trump has created a stir by dismissing a story about a girl with Down syndrome with a sarcastic "Wah wah."
11:52PM ( 3 days ago )
Cruz's flip-flop on family separation shows threat to GOP
Ted Cruz initially defended the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policies, but has since staged an about-face and proposed his own bill ending immigrant family separation
7:14PM ( 3 days ago )
House GOP steps up FBI criticism in wake of internal report
House Republicans are escalating their monthslong standoff with the Justice Department, saying the FBI hasn't adequately addressed bias within the agency and threatening to hold top department officials in contempt _ or even impeach them
4:51PM ( 3 days ago )
The Latest: Trump's campaign manager wants Sessions fired
President Donald Trump's campaign manager is calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be dismissed
4:24PM ( 3 days ago )
Border separations ripple through midterm campaigns
Searing images of children detained at the southern border are roiling politics ahead of midterm elections
7:58AM ( 3 days ago )