Wednesday June 16th, 2021 10:45AM

Food Inspections


Inspected by: Kierstan Green
Inspection Date: 05/10/2021
Inpection Notes

Violation of Code: [511-6-1.04(6)(f)] Observed ham cold holding in an open prep top cooler 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed American cheese cold holding in bottom reach in cooler 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Time/temperature Controlled for Safety foods must be cold held at 41F or lower to prevent the potential growth of harmful bacteria. COS: PIC voluntarily discarded out of temperature ham and sliced American cheese. Corrected On-Site. Repeat Violation. 17C Violation of Code: [511-6-1.07(5)(a),(b)] Observed shelving in the walk-in cooler to have an accumulation of mold and rust. The physical facilities shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean and by methods that prevent contamination of food products. New violation. New Violation. Correct By: 05/13/2021 17D Violation of Code: [511-6-1.07(5)(d)] Observed an accumulation of dust in the ventilation systems located in the men's and women's restrooms. Intake and exhaust air ducts shall be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination by dust, dirt, and other materials. New Violation. Correct By: 05/13/2021

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