Monday October 26th, 2020 2:46AM

Food Inspections


1736 ATLANTA HWY STE 500-700
Inspected by: Alex Reid
Inspection Date: 09/21/2020
Inpection Notes

Violation of Code: [511-6-1.06(2)(c)] Observed the only hand sink in the kitchen to be turned off with no hot running water and the hand sink was not equipped with hand soap or a trash can. All hand sinks should be equipped with 100F water, a trash can and soap. COS: Employee added hand soap and attempted to turn on the hot water/hand sink but couldn't. PIC it follow up with a plumber to find out what's going on New Violation. 18 Violation of Code: [511-6-1.07(5)(k)] Observed many flies in and throughout the kitchen on prep top areas and in the restaurant. PIC is to follow0up with pest control. New Violation.

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