Tuesday June 18th, 2019 10:56AM

Food Inspections


Inspected by: Kyle Hriczo
Inspection Date: 06/03/2019
Inpection Notes

Violation of Code: [511-6-1.05(2)(x)] Observed thermometer in front food service counter cooler reading 90F. Actual ambient temperature of cooler was 40F. All hot and cold holding units must be provided with an accurate temperature measuring device at all times. PIC to either have thermometer repaired or provide an accurate temperature measuring device. New Violation. 15A Violation of Code: [511-6-1.05(4)(c)] Observed metal ramp in front of walk in freezer with an accumulation of water underneath it. Observed caulking missing from around ramp where it meets the floor allowing water to collect underneath it. Floor-mounted equipment that is not easily movable shall be sealed to the floor. PIC to have water removed from underneath ramp and seal it to the floor. New Violation. 15A Violation of Code: [511-6-1.05(6)(a)] Observed ice accumulation behind evaporator fan in walk-in freezer. Equipment must be maintained in good repair. PIC to have walk-in plumbing repaired. New Violation. 16B Violation of Code: [511-6-1.06(2)(r)] Observed front food service hand sink not able to provide hot or cold water due to a dead battery in the motion activation system. Plumbing systems must be maintained in good repair. PIC to replace the battery to allow employees access to the front food service hand sink. New Violation.

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