Sunday February 16th, 2020 11:46PM
10:43PM ( 1 hour ago ) Weather Alert
Blizzard Boy strikes again!
It's not a super power, but being able to eat mass quantities of ice cream without getting sick could be a lifesaver.
4:45PM ( 6 months ago )
I have a message from another time
Age teaches much, but too often causes us to forget what's important.
6:00AM ( 7 months ago )
Hey, you kids get off my lawn
Sometimes the art of aging gracefully is hampered by the cost of a cheap meal.
11:00AM ( 7 months ago )
Changing the way we do Father's Day
Father's Day is a great idea, but I think we have things a little backwards.
11:05AM ( 7 months ago )
BLOG: He's still singing, just in a different choir
We often speak volumes without even saying a word.
1:03PM ( 8 months ago )
Pets of a different sort
When it comes to pets, not everyone is a dog fancier or a cat lover.
11:48AM ( 8 months ago )
Bargain Hunting: The Art of the Deal
You're not just snagging a bargain. You're buying a story.
11:55AM ( 8 months ago )
I'm always playing the name game...and losing!
Spend any time with me in a social setting that involves meeting new people and you’ll learn I have a hard time remembering names.
2:31PM ( 8 months ago )