Tuesday April 7th, 2020 4:13AM
Blue Thunder and the ELO fan
Joe Walsh had an album called "You Bought It, You Name It". Seems like most people take that attitude when buying a car.
5:07PM ( 7 months ago )
An exclusive interview with three of the most popular personalities on the internet
Some people are paranoid where they are concerned. They don’t want them in their homes. Others embrace them fully and not only invite them into their homes, but their lives at large. But who are “they”? What makes them so enticing? Are they friend or foe?
12:00PM ( 7 months ago )
And with a love like that...
The British Invasion wasn't just a one-time thing. It's still happening one generation at a time.
3:38PM ( 7 months ago )
Recycling internet style
How the world wide web could have kept me out of the junkyard.
3:37PM ( 8 months ago )
Blizzard Boy strikes again!
It's not a super power, but being able to eat mass quantities of ice cream without getting sick could be a lifesaver.
4:45PM ( 8 months ago )
I have a message from another time
Age teaches much, but too often causes us to forget what's important.
6:00AM ( 8 months ago )
Hey, you kids get off my lawn
Sometimes the art of aging gracefully is hampered by the cost of a cheap meal.
11:00AM ( 9 months ago )
Changing the way we do Father's Day
Father's Day is a great idea, but I think we have things a little backwards.
11:05AM ( 9 months ago )