Thursday February 25th, 2021 6:12AM
Thanks Hank
There's another great playing on that field of dreams. I hope to have a seat in that stadium one day so I can see him hit another one out of the park.
11:44AM ( 3 weeks ago )
The Legend of Smokey Bill
A new yarn is added to the lexicon of folktales.
3:55PM ( 1 month ago )
How Bill and Betty Maine created Instagram...sort of
True innovators are often only seen as such after they are no longer around. It's time to recognize the inspiration that created Instagram.
2:44PM ( 1 month ago )
Reflections on the spirits of Christmas
Scrooge isn't the only who has been visited by three particular spirits during the Christmas season.
2:09PM ( 1 month ago )
Hallmark Christmas 101
Finally, the secret to making your own Hallmark Christmas movie revealed!
7:50AM ( 2 months ago )
Dumpster Tree
Most trees are bought in a store or off a lot, but not the one on my front porch. It's a rescue.
2:50PM ( 2 months ago )
Plunging into Thanksgiving thankfulness
Sometimes we should be just as thankful for who we aren't as well as who we are.
11:42AM ( 2 months ago )
Sibling Sapling
Looking at life with the help of my botanical brother.
4:09PM ( 3 months ago )