Saturday January 18th, 2020 4:40AM
The Post-It note Christmas leaves behind
I have finally stopped complaining and begun embracing the little reminders that Christmas leaves behind.
4:39PM ( 2 weeks ago )
Dear Santa
Post Christmas letters that might one day be written to Santa.
6:13AM ( 1 month ago )
The Christmas sound you don't want to hear
Dedicated to the ones who aren't gifted givers.
4:00PM ( 1 month ago )
Creative waiting
Christmas has been a good business opportunity for a long time. Why should Advent be any different?
10:27AM ( 1 month ago )
Fall? Please just leaf me alone
And now the truth about raking leaves.
4:35PM ( 1 month ago )
Happy Meal=Happy Dad
The didn't have Happy Meals when I was a kid, but I'm glad they thought of them before my children arrived.
9:44AM ( 2 months ago )
One of childhood's toughest questions
9:03AM ( 2 months ago )
Hey, what's under there?
Ah-ha! Made you say "underwear"!
4:42PM ( 3 months ago )