Monday June 17th, 2024 9:50AM
Rep. Adam Schiff: Now that’s a Witch-hunt!
After the release of the Mueller report, for a one brief shining moment that was known as overly optimistic, I imagined a reaction from President Trump wherein he gracefully accepted the findings which cleared him of high crimes against the USA, and used the opportunity to heal the country of the partisan poison that threatens not only our interpersonal relationships but paralyzes our ability to compromise in a spirit of commonality.
9:11AM ( 5 years ago )
A high-tech Lynch-ing
The last time I flew, no one suggested that we hop off the plane, trot across the runway and socialize with the passengers on nearby planes. In fact the pilot made it clear we weren’t free to move around the cabin, much less the runway
12:00AM ( 5 years ago )
Michael Cohen: Will he get that book deal?
By now everyone in the country, provided they are not living under a rock, knows that Michael Cohen appeared before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday and called the President of the United States a “racist”, “conman” and “cheat.” More than what he said, it’s what Michael Cohen didn’t say that is significant, and maybe should have the President breathing a sigh of relief.
12:00AM ( 5 years ago )
The Great Walls of the World
President Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the Southern border of Mexico has been called a “4th Century Solution” to a 21st Century problem. Renderings of the proposed wall illustrate a brown stainless steel structure decidedly lacking in architectural creativity.
12:00AM ( 5 years ago )
Stone: Not a crook, just a liar
This week Roger Stone, an advisor to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, appeared before a federal judge and pled not guilty to seven counts of among other things, lying to Congress and the FBI about communications with individuals interested in the hacking of emails from the Democratic National Committee.
12:00AM ( 5 years ago )