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Raffensberger takes victory lap following stunning primary victory

By Jonathan O'Brien Anchor/Reporter
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Brad Raffensberger is touting a smooth election and a good campaign a day after defeating GOP challenger Rep. Jody Hice for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. 
"I put over 40,000 miles on my truck over the last year," Raffensberger told WDUN's Martha Zoller Show on Wednesday. "I got 50,000 more votes than the Lieutenant Governor candidates, and I just think that I've been able to bring Republicans back into the fold."
Throughout the campaign, Raffensberger was confronted by GOP activists angry over the results of the 2020 Presidential election; Raffensberger said he embraced the conversation. 
"It could have been a local chamber or County Republican Party; what I was asking for is 'give me 12 minutes to talk about what happened...then I'll take questions for as long as it takes," Raffensberger said. "I think people respond to that because when they had the facts, you could clear up all the misunderstandings." 
His challenger, outgoing 10th district Congressman, and Trump-backed candidate Jody Hice put grievances over 2020 at the heart of his campaign.
Raffensberger spent most of Tuesday monitoring the returns at a command post. He also provided reporters with updates on the situation around the state, and overall there were no issues to report.  
"The longest lines that we saw were 45 minutes in the afternoon, but it's just a few isolated precincts—most everything else was under 30," Raffensberger explained. "But that gives those counties great feedback for what they are going to do in November when we're expecting we could have pushing 5 million people to show up." 
The full interview with Raffensberger can be found at the SoundCloud link at the top of this story.
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