Friday September 24th, 2021 2:06AM

March employment numbers look positive for Gainesville

By Kimberly Sizemore Anchor/Reporter

Today’s labor report showed a lot of positives for Gainesville. March saw the unemployment rate drop, while the number of jobs increased.

“We had another strong month in March,” said Commissioner of Labor Mark Butler. It wasn’t just our area that had a positive report. The entire state showed improvement. “We saw the unemployment rate drop, along with an increase in jobs across the state, and most importantly, a decrease in over-the-year initial claims for every region,” said Butler.

In Gainesville, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.4 percentage points in March, reaching 2.6 percent. A year ago, the rate was 2.8 percent.

Here are some other highlights from the report:

  • The labor force increased in Gainesville by 960 and ended the month with 104,676. That number is up 314 when compared to March of 2020.
  • Gainesville finished the month with 101,904 employed residents. That number increased by 1,340 over the month and is up by 417 when compared to the same time a year ago. 
  • Gainesville ended March with 93,200 jobs. That number increased by 1,300 from February to March and decreased by 1,600 when compared to this time last year. 
  • The number of unemployment claims went up by 20 percent in Gainesville. When compared to last March, claims were down by about 61 percent.
  • Employ Georgia, the GDOL’s online job listing service at showed about 2,313 active job postings in metro Gainesville for March. 

For more information on jobs and current labor force date, visit the Georgia Labor Force Market Explorer at to view a comprehensive report.

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