Saturday June 10th, 2023 7:50AM

LISTEN: Kenneth R. Rosen on "Troubled: The Failed Promise of America's Behavioral Treatment Programs

By Mornings on Maine Street

Each year thousands of young adults deemed out of control are carted off against their will to remote wilderness programs and treatment facilities. Author and journalist Kenneth R. Rosen was one such youth. Rosen visited Maine Street to talk about his new book "Troubled" and share why he thinks many of these programs do more harm than good.

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LISTEN: NGHS Chief of Staff talks COVID-19 at year's end
Dr. Deepak Aggarwal, Chief of Staff at North Georgia Health Systems, shares how NGHS is handling the recent increase in COVID-19 cases.
2:00PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Clinical pharmacist discusses between approved COVID-19 vaccines and Novovax
Dr. Robert Popovian talks about the differences between the approved OCVID-19 vaccines and Novovax as well how each of these works in the body. Popovian is a clinical pharmacist, health economist and expert on drug pricing, spending, affordability and access.
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LISTEN: Bill Crane highs and lows of 2021 politics and what's to come
Bill Crane of CSI Crane takes a look in the rearview at the good and the bad of 2021 and takes a look at what 2022 may hold in the world of politics.
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WDUN Show Clips
LISTEN: Andrew McDiarmid of the Discovery Institute on parental involvement in their child's education
Andrew McDiarmid, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, talks about the pushback some parents receive when they try to become more involved in what their children are learning at school. McDiarmid offers parents tips on how to navigate the opinion put out by some critics that "parents who aren't qualified to teach should keep their noses out of school curricula."
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LISTEN: Fern Shumer Chapman offers tips for reconnecting with estranged family members
Families don't always get along as we would like. Fern Shumer Chapman knows first-hand as she was estranged from her brother for many years. In her book "Brothers, Sisters, Strangers: Sibling Estrangement and the Road to Reconciliation," she offers help in reconnecting with estranged family members.
11:14AM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Alex Baber co-founder of Cold Case Consultants of America
Alex Baber co-founded Cold Case Consultants of America with is wife, herself a victim of an abduction that remains unsolved. Using a database of hundreds of letters from serial killers to try to discover new evidence to solve cases that went cold years ago.
11:07AM ( 1 year ago )
WDUN Morning Show
J's Place Recovery Center receives J.A. Walters building donation Monday
J’s Place Recovery Center received its building off Lanier Park Drive in Gainesville as a donation from the J.A. Walters family in memory of Dallas and Jeffery Gay Monday morning.
2:04PM ( 2 months ago )
Opioid crisis taking a toll on Habersham County Government
Drug abuse, addiction and related problems are hitting Habersham County hard where it hurts — the wallet.
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LISTEN: Recovering addict shares his story of opioid abuse and what drives him to stay clean
Craig George joins the Afternoon News Wrap to detail his recovery from opioid drug abuse that left him isolated from family and friends, in prison and on the verge of slipping into what he calls "darkness."
By Afternoon News Wrap
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Meeting Friday will explore the 'myths, facts, implications' surrounding marijuana
"Marijuana: The Myths, Facts and Implications" is the title of a special training session scheduled this week, sponsored by the Hall County School System Student Services Department, the Drug Free Coalition of Hall County and Center Point.
By AccessWDUN staff
11:00PM ( 7 years ago )
Gwinnett County Police Department taking applications for Youth Police Academy
The week-long camp is designed to teach middle school and high school kids about the police department's role in the community.
By Access WDUN Staff
10:25AM ( 1 month ago )