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Election 2019: County-by-county results for Nov. 5 General Election

By AccessWDUN Staff

While many candidates were unopposed in Tuesday's General Election, there were many others who faced elections for city council and city school board posts across the region. Other governments had special questions on the General Election ballots. The following is a list of unofficial election results from our coverage area. The results will be updated as information is provided.

* Dawson County

Dawson County voters have approved a $48 million ESPLOST to fund education projects for the Dawson County School District.
YES - 648
NO - 189

City of Dawsonville
Mike Eason (incumbent) - 138
Durant Wright - 71

City Council Post 1
Caleb Phillips (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 3
John H. Walden (unopposed)

*Forsyth County

City of Cumming
Cumming voters approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.
YES - 277

NO - 198 

City Council Post 3
Joey Cochran - 270
Jason May - 185 
Brent Patrick - 18

City Council Post 4
Christopher Light (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 5
Linda Ledbetter (incumbent - unopposed)


* Franklin County

City of Canon
City Council (two at-large seats)
Eli Brown - 64
Joe Cairnes - 14
Bobby Locke (incumbent) - 60
Wayne Sanders (incumbent) - 50

City of Carnesville
Harris Little (incumbent - unopposed) - 181

City Council (two seats)
Mike Barrett - 47
Sid Ginn (incumbent) - 72
Patsy Watkins (incumbent) - 62

City of Lavonia
Harold Harbin - 95
Courtney Umbehant - 349

City Council Post 1
Michael Schulman (unopposed)

City Council Post 3
Eddie Floyd (incumbent) - 292
Mary Lou Jackson - 138

City Council Post 4
Andrew Murphy - 335
Ralph Owens - 110

City of Royston 
City Council (three seats)
Wayne Braswell (incumbent) - 180
Wesley Fricks - 120
Lee Strickland (incumbent) - 136
Keith Turman (incumbent) - 207


*Gwinnett County

City of Buford
City Commission Chairman
Phillip Beard (incumbent - unopposed)

Board of Education
Melissa Ferris-Ozkan - 174
R. Daren Perkins (incumbent) - 565

Board of Education
Lien Diaz - 224
Matt Peevy - 523

City of Sugar Hill
City Council Post #1
Brandon Hembree (incumbent) - 586
Marjorie Prophete - 196

City Council Post #2
Amber Chambers - 254
Marc Cohen (incumbent) - 537

City Council Post #3
Suzie Gajewski-Walker (incumbent - unopposed)

City of Suwanee
Suwanee voters approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.

James M. Burnette (incumbent - unopposed)       

City Council Post 1
Heather J. Hall - 490
Doug Ireland (incumbent) - 375

City Council Post 2
Dick Goodman (incumbent) - 369
Laurence “Larry” Pettiford  - 493

*Habersham County

Habersham County voters shot down a proposed jail bond question that would have financed a $31.4-million replacement jail.

Yes - 1,828
No - 1,985

Habersham County voters will return to the polls Dec. 3 for a runoff in the County Commission District 5 race. Top vote-getters Darrin Johnston and Tim Stamey will appear on that ballot. The winner of that run-off will serve the remainder of the term for the seat left vacant by the resignation of Ed Nichols, who relocated.

County Commission District 5
George Locke Arnold - 501
Michael Gosnell - 547
Darrin Johnston - 1,054 (runoff)
Tim Stamey - 876 (runoff)
Barry Trotter - 661

Town of Alto
In Alto, there were no contested races so no election was required.

Audrey Turner (incumbent - unopposed) 

Town Council Post 2
James M. Turner (unopposed)

Town Council Post 3
John Allen Fox Jr. (unopposed)

Town Council Post 4
Eddie Palmer (incumbent - unopposed)

City of Baldwin
In Baldwin, there were no contested races for the three city council seats so no election was required.

City Council Post 1
Larry Lewallen (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 2
Theron Ayers (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 3
Stephanie Almagno (unopposed)

City of Clarkesville
Voters in the City of Clarkesville approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.

Yes - 149
No - 66

Additionally, two incumbents ran unopposed for their respective city council posts.

City Council Post 2
Roxie Barron (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 3
Terry Gladden (incumbent - unopposed)

City of Cornelia
Voters in the City of Cornelia approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.

Yes - 207
No - 85

John Borrow (unopposed) - 265

Ward 1 Commission
Wes Dodd Jr. (incumbent) - 104
Mark Reed - 82

Ward 4 Commission
Tony Cook (incumbent - unopposed) - 41

City of Demorest
City Council (two seats)

Nathan Davis - 131
John P. Hendrix - 143
Jerry Mobley - 48

Town of Mt. Airy
Town Council (three at-large seats)

Chris Green (incumbent - unopposed)
Mike McCoy (incumbent - unopposed)
Adam Tullis (incumbent - unopposed)


*Hall County

City of Flowery Branch
City Council Post 1
Chris Mundy (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Post 2
Ed Asbridge (incumbent) - 357
David Griscom - 58

City of Gainesville
City Council Ward 2
Zack Thompson (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Ward 3
Barbara Brooks (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council Ward 5
Bill Bush - 328
Juli Clay - 858

Board of Education District 2
Kris Nordholz (unopposed)

Board of Education District 3
Willie Mitchell (incumbent) - 82
Chad Payne - 38

Board of Education District 5
Sammy Smith (incumbent - unopposed)


*Hart County

City of Bowersville
City Council Post 1
Alicia Barnett - 34
Melissa Holloway - 52

City of Hartwell
City Council
Stephen "Doc" Ayers - 102
Bill Griggs (incumbent) - 97

City Council
Tony Haynie (incumbent - unopposed)

City Council
Mike McNabb (incumbent - unopposed)

*Jackson County

Town of Braselton
Town Council District 1 (a runoff will be necessary between Richard Mayberry and Becky Richardson)
Joy Basham - 34
Richard J. Mayberry 50 
Becky Richardson (incumbent) -50 

Town Council District 3
Tony Funari (incumbent) - 28
Jim Joedecke, Jr. - 109

City of Hoschton
Hoschton City Council (two city council posts were up for election. The top two vote-getters will take office)
Shantwon Astin - 176
Mindi H. Kiewert (incumbent) - 85
Adam Ledbetter - 178

*Lumpkin County

City of Dahlonega
Voters in the City of Dahlonega approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.
YES - 584
NO - 200

City Council Post 4
Johnny Ariemma - 387
John Anthony "Tony" Owens III - 371

City Council Post 5
Joanne S. Taylor (incumbent-unopposed)

City Council Post 6
Ron Larson (incumbent) - 457
Dewey Moye - 300



Editor's note: AccessWDUN incorrectly reported Lumpkin County results earlier, omitting Advance in Persopn and Absentee by Mail ballots. We apologize for the error. 

*Rabun County

City of Clayton

Post 3 City Council

Kevin Woodrow Blalock - 191

Dee Daley - 183

Post 4 City Council

Elizabeth Chapman (incumbent) - 140

David Cross - 226

Post 5 City Council

John Bradshaw - 228

Connie Holcombe - 59

Billy Maggard - 83


City of Dillard

Post 2 City Council

Deidre Howell - 15

Gordon Jenkins (incumbent) - 37

Post 4 City Council

Carron Grist (incumbent - unopposed)

Post 6 City Council 

Jack Roberts (incumbent - unopposed)


City of Sky Valley


Mike Commons - 99

Hollie Steil - 109

City council (three seats)

Ed Morley - 110

William "Bill" Oliver - 116

Allen Piontkowski (incumbent) - 86 

Maureen Platt - 89

Bruce Turner - 107

Paul Wheeler (incumbent) - 97 


Town of Tallulah Falls


Teri Dobbs (incumbent) - 31

Mike Early - 62

Town council (two seats)

Joey Fountain - 48

Craig Weatherly  - 66


Town of Tiger


Chad Bedingfield - 35 

Mike Carnes - 67

Town council (four seats)

Karen Lovell (incumbent) - 79 

Pete Marziliano - 75

Karen Miller - 40

Sandra Million - 17

Ronald Moore (incumbent) - 69

Jackie Watts - 69


*Stephens County

In Stephens County, voters overwhelmingly approved the continuation of a 1-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.
Yes - 1,272
No - 368

City of Toccoa
City Commission Post 2
David Austin (incumbent) - 406
Inger Neal - 313

*White County

City of Cleveland
Voters in the City of Cleveland approved a Sunday "brunch bill" to allow restaurants to participate in the earlier sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays.
YES - 49
NO- 34

City of Helen
Three candidates ran for two open city council seats in Helen. The top two vote-getters are elected. 

Jeff Ash (incumbent) - 103  
Fred Garmon - 73 
Cinnamon Spurlock (incumbent) - 63 

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Election 2019: County-by-county results for Nov. 5 General Election
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