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16 Ga. families struggle with sewage spill

By The Associated Press
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. - Authorities say 16 Thomas County families have until the end of this month to move their mobile homes because of a sewer plant that violates health regulations.

That 30-year-old plant has to be closed for repairs.
But the families who live there say they can't afford to move, and they feel like they have nowhere to turn.

Lorene Gurley and her daughter Brittany have lived in Twin Oaks Mobile Home Park for five years. Gurley says she loves her home.

But on April 27th, they got a letter asking them to move their home by May 31st. The complex has a new owner who offered to assist some in relocating.

Environmental Health specialist Shemika Lucas at the Thomas County Health Department says raw sewage is backing into the homes and has spilled all over the ground.
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