Saturday May 25th, 2024 3:33AM

LeCroy convicted of Gilmer County murder

By By Jerry Gunn/Scott Kimbler
GAINESVILLE - After two hours of deliberations Monday a federal jury in Gainesville convicted William LeCroy junior of the murder of Joann Tiesler.

The jury deliberated for two hours Monday.

LeCroy faces a possible death penalty for the October 2001 rape/murder of Joann Tiesler of Gilmer County as a result of taking her Ford Explorer in making his getaway.

Prosecutors maintain LeCroy killed her to get her car and that violates federal law.

In his closing arguments Monday, defense attorney Dan Summer said the case did not belong in federal court, but in Gilmer County Superior Court.

Summer argued the evidence showed Tiesler suprised LeCroy in her home while he was burglarizing it and he assaulted and killed her.

The sentencing phase begins Wednesday at 9:00am in Gainesville.

This makes only the second time federal prosecutors from Atlanta have asked for the death penaltly since it was re-instated at the federal level.
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