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Fort Valley man walks miles home with bullet wound in head

By The Associated Press
<p>A Fort Valley man walked nearly 2 miles with a bullet hole in his head after being shot in a robbery, determined to die in the presence of loved ones if that was his fate.</p><p>Larry Taylor, 37, finally made it to his mother's house, but didn't realize she had moved away to a nursing home. Still, Taylor managed to eventually reunite with his family and spent Christmas recovering from his trauma.</p><p>"If I was going to die, I wanted to make it home to Mama's and die there," said Taylor, who was recuperating at his sister's house.</p><p>Taylor told The Macon Telegraph he was walking to a friend's house around 9 p.m. Monday when a man approached him and asked to use his cell phone.</p><p>"I said, 'No,' then he said he would take the phone," he recounted. "I said, 'No,' then he pulled out the gun and shot me in the head. I didn't even know I was hit until I felt the blood coming down my face."</p><p>Bleeding severely from the bullet wound over his left eye and the exit wound over his left ear, Taylor stumbled through the streets until he couldn't walk any farther and finally called police for help.</p><p>His head remained swollen Thursday. "A half of a half of an inch lower and I would have been dead," said Taylor, who was warned by doctors that he could suffer seizures as a result of his injury.</p><p>Police later arrested 27-year-old Sammy Williams on Thursday and charged him with aggravated assault and armed robbery, Lt. Lawrence Spurgeon said.</p><p>Taylor said he just wanted to get past the incident and spend some time with his family during the holidays. "I'm still getting visitors and phone calls and everything and thanking God."</p>
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