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Water crisis is Atlanta

By Associated Press
ATLANTA (AP) One of the state&#39;s most prominent business leaders said today that the record-breaking drought gripping Georgia is now the top threat to Atlanta&#39;s economy and that the crisis could be a ``dress rehearsal&#39;&#39; for future droughts if the Legislature doesn&#39;t take action.<br> <br> Sam Williams, the president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, ``water is the number one threat to Atlanta.&#39;&#39;<br> <br> Williams said the business community is prepared to stand behind a legal challenge that aims to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from releasing more water from Georgia&#39;s reservoirs into other states.<br> <br> His comments come just days after Governor Perdue warned that the state could take legal action if the Army Corps of Engineers continues to release water into Alabama from a water basin in northwest Georgia.<br> <br> As the Legislature prepares to consider a comprehensive drought plan that could guide Georgia&#39;s water policy for years, Williams said lawmakers should support the construction of more reservoirs to capture rain water across the state.<br> <br> He noted that Atlanta is the largest city in America depending on such a small river as the Chattahoochee.<br> <br> (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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