Friday March 1st, 2024 8:30AM

AP Business - Economy

Potential $50 billion Southwestern energy giant emerges as Diamondback seeks to buy rival Endeavor
Diamondback Energy will attempt to buy rival Endeavor Energy Resources to create an energy giant in the Southwestern United States worth more than $50 billion
6:35AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Recession risks are fading, business economists say, but political tensions pose threat to economy
Just a quarter of business economists and analysts expect the United States to fall into recession this year
12:11AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Israel's finance minister blasts Moody's downgrade of the the country's credit rating
Israel's finance minister has slammed a decision by the financial ratings agency Moody’s to downgrade Israel’s credit rating
9:12AM ( 2 weeks ago )
The economy of this Palestinian village depended on Israel. Then the checkpoint closed
Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza has also wreaked havoc on the Palestinian economy in the West Bank
12:00AM ( 2 weeks ago )
Inflation is nearly back to 2%. So why isn't the Federal Reserve ready to cut rates?
From Wall Street traders to car dealers to home buyers, Americans are eager for the Federal Reserve to start cutting interest rates and lightening the heavy burden on borrowers
1:22PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Stock market today: Wall Street holds near record levels, with S&P 500 on precipice of 5,000
Stocks held near record levels on Wall Street as evidence kept piling up to show the job market remains remarkably solid
2:20AM ( 3 weeks ago )
Stock market today: Wall Street edges up to set more records, as S&P 500 briefly tops 5,000
U.S. stocks ticked higher to set more records as evidence piled up to show the job market remains remarkably solid
2:20AM ( 3 weeks ago )
China, US hold economic talks as trade issues heat up on the campaign trail
Chinese and U.S. officials have met in Beijing for talks on tough issues dividing the two largest economies as trade and tariffs increasingly draw attention in the runup to the U.S. presidential election
4:08AM ( 3 weeks ago )
It's a mismatch on the economy. Even as inflation wanes, voters still worry about getting by
Bartender Catey Regis's pricey misadventure of buying a used car recently speaks to why voters are worrying about the U.S. economy going into this year’s presidential election
12:08AM ( 3 weeks ago )
A booming bourbon industry has Kentucky leaders toasting record growth
Fifteen years ago, bourbon barons poured whiskey out on the Kentucky Capitol steps to protest a looming tax increase on the spirits industry
5:11PM ( 3 weeks ago )